Karachi Violence: Who is Responsible??

by Urooj Zia, Karachi, Sindh

If you think the pukhtoons are “invaders” in Karachi- Sindh, also remember that the Urdu-speaking population did not “originate” in Karachi either.
I am from Karachi, and I have been to Sohrab Goth — several times — and have come back safe and sound. I come from an “Urdu-speaking” family and I’m a woman. The pukhtoon in Karachi have never been a threat for me or my family, or anyone else I know.

Secondly, the MQM-led City District Government Karachi (CDGK) did jack-all for “the people” of my city. Building flyovers and underpasses does not facilitate 98% of the population of my city who travel by buses. The “progress” that you brandish so proudly was merely an effort to facilitate multinationals — at the expense of local industries, including textile and pharmaceuticals.

Thirdly, are you aware of the fact that madressahs in Karachi “mushroomed” as you put it, under the Musharraf-led regime? The pukhtoon have nothing to do with it; on the other hand, ..  your precious MQM (a brainchild of the ISI, just like the Taliban) have a lot to do with this growth of madressahs. The children who go to these madressahs come from the poorest backgrounds — from families who cannot even afford government schools. Who do you think is responsible for that — your average hard-working pukhtoon industrial worker, or your government which has historically done jack-all for the people of my country, for their healthcare, and for their education?

I would request YOU, .. “come out of the shell of hatred” and “analyse the situation rationally.” If you think the pukhtoon are “invaders” in this city, also remember that the Urdu-speaking populace did not “originate” in Karachi either. The pukhtoon, on the other hand, have built this city. They have worked in the summer heat, under the midday sun to build the roads, bridges, flyovers, underpasses and buildings that you speak of so proudly. In return, they deserve to be treated with respect, to be able to ensure quality education for their children, to have access to decent healthcare, and above all, to not be attacked by proto-fascists such as your precious MQM.

Next time around, please keep your racist bullshit to yourself, and check up on facts before shooting your mouth off for the heck of it. Spare us the ISI / MQM-generated ethnic propaganda.
The writer can be reached at: urooj.zia@gmail.com
Source of above article: Posted by Urooj Zia, with the subject: Karachi Violence: MQM is Responsible, to cmkp_pk@yahoogroups.com on Friday, December 5, 2008, 9:58 AM.

One thought on “Karachi Violence: Who is Responsible??”

  1. What will one do if Pukhtoons raped your women ( in first day ( 29 November. 2008 at Banaras ) at
    2 : 30 , 38 women who were mohajirs or Urdu speaking women were kidnapped and raped by Pukhtoons all of these women were coming from their work, schools and were traveling in mini buses more than 6 were kidnapped from Raees Amrohi Colony.on 14 august 1947 and before 14. August 1947 Maulana Abul Kalam Azad said to Muslims of India , ” Do not migrate to India you will be treated as Hindustani anywhere in Pakistan , yes he added , ” if you live in Sindh , Balochistan, Punjab and anywhere in Pakistan you will be treated as HINDUSTANI ” so Plz do not go He added, ” if you will go then the Muslims of India who are not migrating to Pakistan will be treated as PAkistani , means You the migrants will be treated as NON PAKISTANIS in Pakistan , and Who are not migrating to pAkistan and will remain in INDIA will be treated as PAKISTANIS in INDIA. Means all of you will be announced as GHADDAR in india and as well as in PAKISTAN too.

    but people did not listen his voice they migrated to Pakistan they only gave the lives of over 2 millions Muslims for the formation of Pakistan , thousands of their women were raped and murdered and still these MUSLIMS of India or MUHAJIRS are NON PAKISTANIS for whole PAKISTAN.On 14 . August . 1947 our PUNJABI, SINDHI, BALOCHI and PUKHTOONS brothers awoke in the morning , opened their gates and they saw the flag of Pakistan but for the Muslims of INDIA or MUHAJIRS they paid the price for the Pakistan by 2 million lives when they started their lives they did not have anything no roof no clothes and nothing for food , but they survived , MOHAJIR was the only breed in PAKISTAN who always represented themselves as a PAKISTANI because in Karachi after Partition , there were several students and political wings were working there were Punjabi, Sindhi,Pukhtoon,Balochi and Islamic political students and political wing were working at here but there were no organization for MUHAJIRS or for URDU speaking people b/c they were the only one who showed themselves as PAKISTANI.

    but after the death of the Fatima Jinnah and with the victory of Ayyub khan every thing was changed with the 1966 riots when Gohar Ayyub Khan son of Ayyub Khan started a rally, when the reached at Liaquatabad the Pukhtoons looted & Burned Mohajirs homes and their small businesses and raped their women . this rally/ trend showed its powers in 1972 , 1986, 1988 and from 1992 to 1999 and 29. November . 2008.

    The characters were changed from Ayyub khan and pukhtoons to Sindhi language bills to , Qasba Ali garh to Pakka Qila to Military operations. there were several faces but the main reason or the mother of all reasons is the only one which has grabbed the whole Pakistan the reason is that , ” when Mohajirs migrated from India they had broken all of the Mullahs ,Feudal lords rules, Tribalism and Military and all the power hubs of any developing nation , they did not accept the power of upper described power hubs all of these power hubs has won their wars in their soils , you can look and observe the living standard and human rights status of the people of rural sindh, rural Punjab , sarhad and balochistan all of these areas are under the thumb of upper described power hubs , all of these people from these areas has been voting for their lords, mullahs,military people,pir faqeer people are their representatives. will they do the real agricultural land reforms , real home reforms for them but how will they why will they do for them as b/c of these issues they have their hold on their ill literate and slaved people who are socially, economically, politically and mentally spending their lives as a slave.

    that is why they always want to erase mohajirs as mohajirs has been the most educated , socially well organized and broad and liberal people.

    about current conflict almost 300, 000 pukhtoons came to karachi in just of One year period they ill legally occupied all the suburbs of the karachi with already settled pukhtoon on gunpoint with brutality and fear , government lands as well as private lands and the flats , bang lows and homes of MOHAJIRS form all over the city. they say to us , ” ACCEPT US.”

    we say to them ” WE ACCEPT YOU but by Occupied the land of KARACHI,by occupied the homes of Karachiites , by organizing DRUG MAFIA, Criminals gangs against us .By Killing our People , By attacking on our women we will fight you till our LAST BREATH. WE WILL NOT accept YOU.

    Altaf hussain is the man who united the people of more than 18 breads / origins of the migrant Muslims of India / MOHAJIRS and made a unanimous and most common thing in all MOHAJIRS yes , it was URDU language and we are the sons and daughters of the Muslim migrants of the India who sacrifice / gave the lives of more than 2 million people so , decide be a neutral one and for just for an hour take aside of all your likeness and dis likeness all of your hatred and analize it.

    WHO is right and Who is wrong.


    G.A MQM

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