Capitalism carnage

Fall of Soviet Union was seen by some as Triumph of Religion and by others as a win for freedom; guess what, it turns out to be victory for Capitalism only. After the fall of Socialist bloc, now capitalism is pervasive all over the world, there is no check and balance. Even the powerful countries and governments seem powerless before the capitalists.

Capitalists cite freedom and capitalism as the synonyms, whereas it is not as much freedom for people as it is for corporations and companies. Capitalists have one goal – to have all wealth and control of every resource in the world, in their hands. Human rights, freedom, civilization and everything else comes after that.

Since there is no check on capitalism therefore it is getting to the extremes and is creating causes for self-destruction. Capitalism is not only creating socio-political and regional imbalances in the world but since we all live on the same globe, it is creating problems for itself. On one hand it is causing economic and environmental disasters, on the other hand it is making peoples life miserable by creating constant stress, phobias and insecurity.

This is true that freedom is not free because the capitalists are set total free, to do whatever they like to grab control of everything on earth. The nature of humans is such that we need to have checks and balances on each entity which is capable of being a monster in this world . If we let go capitalism unchecked, it sure will turn into a monster and pose a serious threat to world peace and well being of people as did the communism.

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