Qasimabad, Hyderabad- No drainage, No roads, No civic facilities

Qasimabad of Sindhis is Tabah & Barabad, no drainage, no roads, no civic facilities
– Sachal Welfare Sath (SWS), Muhamadi Town, Qasimabad, Qasimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh

Qasimabad a centre of whole Sindh is tabah and barabad. From 25 years this area is destroy by government. No drainage, no roads, no repair, no water, no big market, no good hospital, no passport office, no library, no community hall, no park, no playground, no animal hospital, no modern college or university.
Qasimabad’s old roads, water, electric and drainage lines of 1987 1988 are expired.

Parties who have MNA, MPA, Nazim from Qasimabad are collecting money. The civil society and leaders need to take action in this regard.

Source- Posted by: “” on Mon Dec 1, 2008 4:10 am (PST) at Hyderabad-Sindh@yahoogroups

3 thoughts on “Qasimabad, Hyderabad- No drainage, No roads, No civic facilities”

  1. dun knw why…. every govt just take notices abt qasimabad .. but then a vow of silence….
    no 0ne frm administration takes any kind of response to qasimabad conditions…

    qasimabad needs a new volunteer … who can change its position … and make it heaven …

  2. 3 month ago i told sdo of qasimabad Mr Mangsi that there are so many main holes does not have cove child can fall ad die he said that he does not have cover and hag up on me I found there department is selling these cover in RS 500 in the market and still they have planty in the storage today 23 of feb dead body found in the gutter by cleaning that boy been report miising 2 and half month ago so i can say sdo magsi is responsible for this death in qasiamabad only more then 100 kids found dead in main whole due to not having covers

  3. Make me Nazim.. I’ll turn this Area into heaven!! and the first thing that I would do is.. to give order to repair the Sehrish nagar phase 2 road, which has major schools (The City, Beacon, St. Bonaventure’s) and unfortunately has One-way road!! How shameful It is.

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