LPP protest against Mumbai terrorist attacks in Lahore Pakistan

Report by: Farooq Tariq, Spokesperson, Labour Party Pakistan

Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) is organizing a protest against the terrorist attack on Mumbai, on 28 November at 4 pm at Shimla Pehari Lahore. This is to protest the growing terrorist attacks by religious fundamentalists and American imperialists. Ordinary people are paying the price of this bull fight. LPP will show solidarity with those killed and injured in Mumbai attacks. Please join if you are in Lahore.

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The doctrine of jihad be denounced as inhuman- The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC)

MCC shocked at Mumbai terrorist attack “Doctrine of Jihad must be denounced as inhuman”

TORONTO – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC), in expressing shock and dismay at the terror strikes in Mumbai has condemned these egregious acts of violence .

In a statement, the MCC said, there is little doubt that which ever jihadi outfit was behind this heinous crime, it was motivated by hate and a want to sabotage the recent thawing of relations between India and Pakistan. The bombings come barely a week after peace overtures by President Asif Zardari who stated he did not see India as an adversary and had called for closer relations.

The MCC statement called on world leaders to confront the scourge of Islamist terrorism by challenging the validity of the doctrine of jihad as laid out by the worldwide Islamist movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and a myriad of soft jihadi organizations in the West.

Unless and until this doctrine of jihad is confronted at the ideological level, fighting the war on terror is like shooting individual mosquitoes to combat malaria. Without challenging the Islamist doctrine of armed Jihad, it is futile to confront the jihadis. Just as Canada and its allies waged a war against Nazis as part of the war against Germany, today Canada and its allies should expose the doctrine of Jihad as pronounced by such Islamists as the later Syed Qutb and Syed Maudoodi, as inhuman and unfit for the modern world.

The MCC hopes that Muslims all over the world will unite to fight the curse of extremist and militant ideologies that sully the name of Islam and bring much disrepute to Muslims.

The MCC is also calling upon the Canadian government to do all it can to help get a speedy release of the six Canadian hostages held by militants.

November 27, 2008

Terror in Mumbai- India’s Suspicion to Pakistan

The Pakistan Connection
Evidence is still sketchy, but tensions are already rising between India and its nuclear-armed neighbor.

Courtesy and Thanks: Newsweek
Ron Moreau and Sudip Mazumdar
November 27, 2008

Around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, a band of 10 young armed militants zoomed up to a fishermen’s colony in Colaba, on the Mumbai waterfront, in inflatable Zodiac speedboats. Locals confronted them: unlike the dark-skinned Mumbai fishermen, who speak only Marathi, the regional dialect, the intruders were young, tall and fair-skinned and spoke Urdu with a northern accent. According to local press, the gunmen reportedly told them to mind their business, then gave a raised-thumb gesture, and splitting into small groups, walked off into two different directions. The fishermen reported the suspicious men to a police post nearby, but the tip-off failed to rouse the cops to action.

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Baloch King, Khan of Kalat, Suleman Khan seeks Asylum

Baloch royal leader Khan of Kalat seeks asylum
by Mir Raza, mirsalimraza@yahoo.com

London – 27 November 2008

His Highness Beglar Begi, Suleman Khan Ahmedzai, the Khan of Kalat, aged 45, will appeal for asylum in the UK on Friday, 28 November, at a tribunal in Newport, Wales. Regarded by many Baloch people as their monarch and head of state, he was refused asylum in October 2007. Fridays appeal hearing will take place at 10am at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal Newport, Columbus House, Chepstow Road, Langstone, Newport , NP18 2LX (0845 600 0877). …

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