What are the Signs of an allergy?

Frequent sneezing, watery eyes and cold-like symptoms,  A crease above the tip of the nose caused by regular upward wiping of the nose (allergic salute), Coughing, wheezing and other asthma symptom, Dark circles under your eyes as a result of increased blood flow to the sinuses.

What are the more common things which causes Allergy and asthma?

Dust, Tobacco smoke, pollen, Air pollutants, weather, Heard exercise, stress, pets etc

Musharraf treated Pakistan like a personal “Darbar”

uspkWhen are we going to grow a spine?

by Iqbal Tareen, Washington, DC
The writer can be reached at: iqbal.tareen@gmail.com
November 19, 2008

Musharraf should be tried for hundreds of disappearances, billions of dollars of mismanaged foreign aid, political assassinations including that of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, May 12th Karachi massacre, and
targeted killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti who was one of a few Baloch leaders who believed in a fair union in Pakistan.

General Ayub had the decency of living a private life after being deposed. General Yahya also followed the same suit. As far as General Zia-ul-Haq is concerned, God delivered the verdict on him. Even Pinochet had some sense of discretion. I do not understand what moral compass are we using to justify “Business as usual” with General Musharraf? He pitched Pakistanis against each other, he used political parties and groups as hit groups against his opponents, he treated judiciary and the Constitution of Pakistan like a personal “Darbar” and a scrap paper, he perpetuated religious extremism through his agencies as a insurance policy and a scare crow to stay in power, and he left Pakistan in a total disarray and in shambles. His last words were “Abb Pakistan kaa khuda ee hafiz hae” meaning “Only God can save Pakistan now” He was damn right. He had left no room for Pakistan to get back on its feet.

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