Sindhis throughout the history

Sindhis throughout history have battled imperialist invaders, whether these were Arabs, Arghuns, Mughals, or others… none found it easy to conquer Sindh. Many had to make several attempts. ..the story of the valiant defence of Sindh during the Soomra period against Allauddin Khliji and Sama period against the imperialist Feroz Shah who suffered three humiliating defeats at the hands of Sindhis. He finally succeeded because of natural catastrophe, if only to see his own kingdom in ruins due to his obsession of conquering Sindh. Unfortunately, textbooks in Sindh after partition praise every imperialist invader and don’t teach much about native history and their patriotic defense of motherland Sindh throughout history…

Sinde or Sindh.. Has it changed since 1843? Not much..

sindh– Mazhar Lakho Belleville, IL, USA
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I have a copy of an electronic book very kindly forwarded by a friend. The book was written  in 1843 by Captain Leopold Von Orlich a German who travelled with British invaders.

It is a very interesting account of Sindh and Sindhis. It seems the politics and people have not changed very much since 1843. Below is an excerpt. We will see if we can publish the whole Electronic book on Sanaland in segments keeping in view the copy rights and our ‘thirst”, if any for Introspection.