Zardari has acted fairly to all the provinces of Pakistan

Asif Zardari
Asif Zardari

Are educated Sindhi pragmatists or simply influenced by wishful thinking? Can Zardari prove to be the savior of Sindh?

by Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
The following positive developments have occurred so far that are beneficial for Sindh and Sindhis:
Announcement that Kala-Bagh dam is shelved permanently, Securing of $ 26 million technical assistance from World Bank to kick-start development of Thar Coal project, Establish of Rs. 1 billion for Sindh heritage‏, Brought some justice & fairness in hiring in Sindh and appointment few Sindhis at the federal level.

The article about dilemma of the Sindhi educated class poses some interesting questions. Is the support shown by Sindhi educated class for Zardari’s presidency misplaced or do they genuinely feel that a Sindhi President is better than other candidates who want to assume this powerful role? The author without any justification says that PPP does not appear to be eager to come to Sindh’s rescue. In my view, so far PPP has acted fairly to all provinces and put an stop to the step-motherly treatment that Sindhis had been suffering in the last several years since the last PPP government. I suspect that author’s motivation for writing this article is to instigate an internal quarrel among educated Sindhis on the issue of supporting or opposing PPP and/or Zardari.

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