Reflecting what happening in Sindh

By Majid Maqsood, Sindh
It’s not a fault of Sindhi media, if things are negative, it can’t be shown positive and media has to portray what has been happening in Sindh. Honor killing, unavailability of medicines resulting hundred of lives. It doesn’t mean that media showing or addressing non issues. These are the true issues of Sindh. I have been criticizing on Sindhi media but not on current affairs but things which are being shown to nation on the name culture is not exactly a culture of Sindh but it has badly impacted on Sindhi society…

But criticism on current affairs or news is meaningless because our Sindhi media is trying so hard for competition with Urdu media but if you encounter Urdu media where you find partial attitude of the anchors and others news personnels, they don’t project even good things of PPP Govt but only criticizing for criticism like PPP has rejected Kala Bag Dam in the great interest of country and three federating units have already rejected it but you will never find any such program on Urdu media which may appreciate this good thing of the govt. So I think Sindhi news channels and newspapers are truly showing and reflecting the society what has been happening in Sindh and their role more better then Urdu media.

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