Better to have some debate than not!

By Sarwar Bari
Better to have some debate than not having any as it informs us about various perspectives and their shades. Yet, it is important to know/search who is going to capture what and how much from such debates? Since, background of some writers and their politics remains hidden from the readers, it is difficult to judge them and to know their intentions and politics.In my view, therefore sheer anti-imperialist sloganeering or even actions do not deserve my support. My reasons is my value-humanism and freedom. We have/had so many anti-imperialists now and in the past who were/are fascists like Hitler, Khomeini, Pol Pot and now Taliban and Alqaida. We must know
that within 3 weeks of so-called retrogressive/ reactionary revolution, Iranian mullahs killed more than two thousand Communists, they still don¹t allow any freedom to its critics. In whole of Shah¹s rule only 345 communists were killed. So both pro-imperialist Shah and anti-Imperialist mullahs in my view were fascists and anti-freedom.
Also, I must cite here example of Enoch Powel a great racist and anti-imperialist of the UK.

Sameer Amin a famous Marxist theoretician argues that radical Islamist movements (Taliban and Alquaida etc) are not anti-imperialist. They are in fact part and parcel of the global capital. Their investment in global market is enormous and they benefit from globalisation. As USA is one
country and no more (or soon) in a position to control global capitalist system, we need to redefine imperialism too. Soon China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Europe will be engines of global imperialism. For some including Sameer Amin mullah¹s opposition to the west is cultural and not political. For Mullah women¹s role should be like of a cow, who should produce more mullahs and fulfils his lust and act his obedient servant.

This does not mean that the role of USA could be ignored. It is still a power who believes in Cowboy mentality. Therefore, it must be opposed politically and through democratic actions.
Posted by: “Sarwar Bari, Tue Nov 4, 2008 4:04 pm (PST) at SPN yahoo group Digest Number 1611

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