United Nations Charter Still Shines As a Symbol of Hope: Dr. Fai

Washington, D.C. October 24, 2008. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center, on the auspicious founding of the United Nations in 1945, wrote to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations of its significant socio-economic, political and moral achievements. In glowing terms, Dr. Fai stated ‘In the spring of 1945, representatives of fifty nations gathered to put pen to paper and finalize a document of colossal consequence – the Charter of the United Nations.’ ‘This enlightened document,’ he continued ‘shines as a spectacular symbol of hope.’ With that, he reaffirmed his enthusiastic support for the United Nations – its aims, objectives and aspirations that attempts to foster togetherness in the human family by encouraging the world’s peoples to set foot on a common platform, while recognizing spaces for distinctiveness.

The Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center wishes to extend its sincere, genuine and heartfelt support to all those celebrating ‘October 24th, United Nations Day, as a testament to their commitment for equality, justice and acceptance of diversity.’ However, ‘Implicit in that commitment is a pledge to honor the cause of self-determination and human rights for all peoples.’

Dr. Fai stated that the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir remains one of the oldest issues pending on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council. In addition, it stands apart as the most cantankerous of conflicts, with the catastrophic possibility of nuclear devastation. After all India and Pakistan have fought three wars and nearly began a fourth with the ever-present threat of nuclear exchange. Hence, the Executive Director urges all those who participate in the celebratory United Nations Day, to reaffirm their commitment to the inalienable Kashmiri right of self-determination and denounce the massive human rights violations ongoing there.

Dr. Fai demands from the United Nations an immediate censure and action, more specifically, over the gruesome unearthing of 4600 unidentified mass graves. He requests that the United Nations, as the world’s collective conscience, immediately call for an end to the violence, lifting of the siege of the Kashmir Valley and allow impartial investigators to access the unidentified mass graves. Most importantly, the United Nations must reaffirm its commitment to its founding principles which clearly legitimize the Kashmiri right of self-determination.

The Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center is committed to finding a just and lasting solution to the disputed territory of Kashmir through peaceful negotiations. Moreover, it fully endorses the beginning of tripartite talks including India, Pakistan and Kashmiri leadership, to resolve this longstanding dispute. It also calls for an international tribunal to access the recently discovered mass graves in the disputed territory.

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