Indus soft shell turtles are dying

By Raheel H. Kaghzi, Sukkur, Sindh

The Indus river soft shell turtles are dying very fast in nesting season, this always happened in nesting season, today I have seen many turtles struggling for their survival, as every Sindhi trying to, they always come out for nesting from river, there are lot of locations but right now i am talking about Sukkur barrage, Labe Mehran, and Dadu canal Sukkur, they came out from indus for nesting but unfortunately they are on the road and the heavy traffic just smashes them to death, its more than 20s turtles are dead every day, five smashed dead bodies I have seen myself on the Labe mehran road, Sukkar, Sindh, Pakistan.

I don’t know where are the wildlife people, besides labe mehran they have conservation centre on the other hand they have an office near city transporation Stand (wagon stand sukkur), but no work no worries, and the indus have everything precious and endanger species such as Indus dolphins, etc,

The good news is that their are few volunteer citizens crossing by serving and trying to help them and at the end within few minutes we have saved six by converting their faces to labe mehran, but this is not the perfect solution for them, they need nest, sand and the proper condition to lay their eggs.

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