Sindhi language was declared to be a ‘kafir’ language by them!

When Sindhi students started demonstrations in support of their language and culture, the Commissioner of Hyderabad, Masroor Hassan, ordered to open fire on the bare-handed student at Jamshoro Bridge , killing a number of Sindhi youth. Sindh still celebrates 4th. March as the Day of Martyrs to remember the proud sons of the land who laid their lives to save their language and culture.
By Mohammad Ali Mahar, Austin, TX, USA
..The fact of the matter is that Sindh has been the biggest victim of this onslaught of the foreign culture. As soon as the country came into being, Karachi, the heart of Sindh, was taken over by the immigrant dominated central government.

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Pakistan: No money, No energy, No government!

New intelligence report says Pakistan is ‘on the edge’
By Jonathan S. Landay and John Walcott | McClatchy Newspapers
Courtesy and Thanks: McClatchy
Severe economic crisis threatens Pakistan’s stability
Wave of violence worsens Pakistan’s security, economic crisis

WASHINGTON – A growing al Qaida-backed insurgency, combined with the Pakistani army’s reluctance to launch an all-out crackdown, political infighting and energy and food shortages are plunging America’s key ally in the war on terror deeper into turmoil and violence, says a soon-to-be completed U.S. intelligence assessment.
A U.S. official who participated in drafting the top secret National Intelligence Estimate said it portrays the situation in Pakistan as “very bad.” Another official called the draft “very bleak,” and said it describes Pakistan as being “on the edge.”
The first official summarized the estimate’s conclusions about the state of Pakistan as: “no money, no energy, no government.”
Six U.S. officials who helped draft or are aware of the document’s findings confirmed them to McClatchy on the condition of anonymity because NIEs are top secret and are restricted to the president, senior officials and members of Congress. An NIE’s conclusions reflect the consensus of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies.

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