Sindh Minister for Culture Sassui Palejo Pledges to protect Sindh’s heritage

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA
Let us thank Mohatarma Sassui Palejo for her resolve to preserve and protect the heritage Sindh in spite of an unholy alliance of enemies of Sindhi heritage. Let us assure her of our full support in her efforts to promote Sindhi culture.

Sassui vows to protect Sindh heritage

Courtesy and Thanks: Daily Dawn, Monday, 13 Oct,2008, 05:55 PM PST
Sindh Minister for Culture and Tourism Sassui Palijo has expressed her resolve to strive to preserve and protect the cultural heritage of Sindh despite opposition from various circles.

She was speaking at a press conference at the Sindh Museum here on Sunday.

The minister particularly highlighted the ongoing controversy over the functioning of the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) on the premises of the Hindu Gymkhana in Karachi. She alleged that Rahat Kazmi, Talat Hussain and Arshad Mehmood had launched a smear campaign against her. ‘If they think that they will be able to pressurise or harass me because I am a woman then they are sadly mistaken because I am not going to sit idle and just observe things,’ the minister declared. She alleged that under a conspiracy a campaign had been launched to malign her in the name of encroachment of the government’s land.

She said that as far as the Hindu Gymkhana was concerned she would protect it and wouldn’t allow any violation of the agreement reached with the culture department in 2005.

The minister vowed to implement the Sindh Heritage Preservation and Protection Act 1994 as far as the Hindu Gymkhana was concerned. This act had been violated twice in the case of Hindu Gymkhana, she said, adding that certain articles of the Sindh Museum and Hindu community put on display there had been removed.

Ms Palijo said that ancient stones were being removed from the Makli necropolis and it was she who had taken notice of it during her visit.

‘A park will be established and named after Doolah Darya Khan there as well,’ she said. The minister said that she was looking into legal battle of Marvi Lawn to get its possession and hoped that the judiciary would do justice with her department because the lawn was to be converted into a children’s park.

She made it clear that her ministry would take notice and all possible action wherever any violation of cultural heritage was reported in Sindh. She said that no one would be allowed to challenge the writ of her ministry.

Besides, she said, her ministry was taking care of the rest houses, museum and resorts of the province. In this context she also pointed out the formation of the Gorakh Hill Authority.

She said that not only this but her ministry was establishing Shaheed Benazir Bhutto chairs in Karachi and Sindh universities, which would result in authoring of around 100 books annually on the life of the great leader. She said that a research institute was also being established in the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto district.

She said that Rs1 billion cultural heritage fund was being created for the rehabilitation of Meonjodaro and Makli graveyard and a master plan was being prepared in the latter’s case. She added that a committee was also formed for this project.

She said that it was for the first time that a 14-member board had been set up to take care of issues of heritage because until now it was being looked after by the federal government. She said that her department was for the first time taking steps to own its heritage otherwise the job was left to the archaeology department alone.

23 thoughts on “Sindh Minister for Culture Sassui Palejo Pledges to protect Sindh’s heritage”

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  3. assalamo Alakum.
    reqest to Sasui sahiba that Adi aaun hit banni- kutch main sindhiyat san munsalik activities kando aahiyan. kutch ain sindh culture je lihaz khan hik ee ahin. sindhi culture khe sindh main bachayo,ain vadhayo. na ta sindh qayamat dihare dhanindi.
    – kaladhar mutwa [banni- kutch.

  4. hello i am faqeer mohammmed dahani from kashmore @kanhdkot

    so i comments/
    i request( SASSUI PALEJO) to kindly save indus velley civilization and you shold control lawese situation in that sindh than peaples should be visiting to hovioge of sindh in moen jo daro and more siles of then toursn by


  5. Respectable Madam and Dear Viewers:-

    Once again there is challenging situation being faced by our beloved country and that usually happens when there is PPP Government.
    We all believe in ” FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” but that does not mean that this freedom should put country in hotwater just to work on private motives as has been done by Private Channel. The true purpose of ” FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” is to provide tranquillty, assurance of peace, its sustainbility, Prosperity, to help deprived peoples, to fight for right in peacefull manner viewing to safeguard of country.

    The very and true purpose of transmission of report should be verified first after its analyzation and then evaluate. I am sorrry to say that in order to raise their neck high and to get faster popularity some private channels are making blunder that is quiet “PURE THREAT TO OUR BELOVED COUNTRY. Same situation once again has been created as had been created during the regime of ” Musharaf “attacking on Masjid e Hafza.

    1.We have lost our guaranty and good will because of silly mistake done by Private Channels.
    2.Our Economy came down.
    3. I agree that there should be freedom of expression but this freedom should not become cause of exploitation or violance of peace.
    4. Why it is ignored that we are third world citizen and we are at the rank of 124 in Human Development Indices.
    5. Rather than misusing the expenses on Strike why should not we utilize these expeses for the progerss and prosperity of country, in investing sectors, on new international seminar to gain information.
    6. Due to running situation, our beloved country has born loss of near billion.
    7. With which attention we are now observed on International Level.

    Naeem Ahmed Pathan

  6. Dear Viewers and Reader
    Assalam O alikum

    Again our country is facing burning issue. This issue can be solved by peaceful and in compromising way. But the way our Ex-politician has adopted, one can say that this is way of immature person whereas Ex-prime Minister should show his sympathy with this country, he should sacrify his ego upon the integrity of country. He should show his inner most sincerity with the nation and being as citizen of Pakistan at first instance.
    But the situation is vice versa and the role of media is like wise. They have made media as a powerful tool, Media can raise and bring down. But the very true purpose of ” Transmission of Report” should be constructive, must not be destructive. It will affect dignity of country its norms and principles.
    We all need to unite, disciplined. It is all possible once we become faithful to one another. Our ever great leader ” Mohtaram Benazir Bhutto”is no more on this piece of land. We must use our power whichever we have, in the right and positive direction for the betterment of nation, integrity, and prosperity.

    Jiye Bhutto, Sada Jiye, Sada Jiye

    ” Mohtaram teaches us to be cool and sagacious in the way of judgement”.

    Naeem Ahmed Pathan

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