Nothing in the world that can override the will of mankind: Time to break this web

Iqbal Tareen, Herndon, USA
In USA high un-employment, crashing housing industry, rising consumer prices, dwindling financial markets and institutions, tight credit, and high cost of fuel has taken the toll on nation’s morale. We are going through toughest times of our own.
In Pakistan, although Musharraf is gone but eight years of his dark legacy has left the nation belly-up. At the time when Pakistan is in need of friends, the mounting internal and external pressures are drifting the nation of Pakistan toward a major showdown with global powers. A fragile democratic rule in Pakistan is already facing suicidal blows and threats of military takeovers.

The greed of power and political shortsightedness is pulling major political parties apart. Thus providing comic relief to natural enemies of representative democracy and rule of law.

Stampede by surmounting pessimism it has almost become a sin to talk about a light at the end of the tunnel. As a result we are faced with chaos and confusion.

I believe it is time to break loose of this web and take a deep breath of fresh air full of hope and possibilities. Let us converge to talk about anything and everything that your heart desires. There is nothing in the world that can override the will of mankind.

Let us share our concerns, fears, thoughts, and optimism. It might do whole lot of good to us than we may realize.

Please join us in our next meeting of Forum for Justice and Democracy in Pakistan on Saturday, October 11, 2008. The meeting will be held in Sadaf Restaurant, Rockville, MD at 1:00 PM.
Iqbal Tareen
Chief Organizer
Herndon, VA

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