BBC REPORT ON THE AWAKENING: Singlish (Sindhi-English) Movie

BBC report by Nisar Khokhar on The Awakening: Singlish (Sindhi-English) Movie produced by Koshi Lalwani, a famous Sindhi singer, musician and composer.

Courtesy and Thanks: BBC Urdu

To read BBC report by Nisar Khokhar in Urdu, please click here.

By Ramesh Kateja, India

April 18, 2008 at 1:14 pm

The Singlish (Sindhi-English) and its Hindi version of The Film “The Awakening‘ is released today in Multiplexes and many other cinema houses in Mumbai, Ulhasnagar, Calcutta and other cities.

Please encourage the movie-makers by watching this epic saga with your family and friends. Also please do little lip service and spread the word among those Sindhis who do not have access to Internet and news media.


AIS has pleasure in announcing the great leap forward by Koshi Lalwani to produce a full-length film titled “AWAKENING” in Singlish (sindhi-English) – dubbed in Hindi also – with a heart warming story about our roots in the Sindhu-Saraswati civilization.

Koshi is a highly trained and talented singer, musician and composer; she is not new to taking on complex cultural issues, It will be recalled that earlier under sponsorship of American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS), Koshi Lalwani burst into world-wide cultural scene with her soulful rendering of the Song of the Sindhu which was originally composed by Karkarta Bharat (elected supreme chief of the Sindhu clan) seven thousand years ago – in 5,000 BCE. She also admirably translated the Song to provide Sindhi and Hindi lyrics with feeling, emotion and sensitivity. The CD on this Song, produced by AIS, became the best seller but to ensure that it reaches every individual, AIS had made the Song freely available to all on its website < >.

Judging from the reports of film critics and others who have viewed Koshi Lalwani’s movie“AWAKENING”, it is quite clear that the movie is headed towards great success. The story is entertaining; its music and songs are memorable and its appeal to cultural awareness is moving.

Click here: The Awakening in SINGLISH (BASED ON JAAG SINDHI JAAG)

Advani- Jethmalani inaugurate Singlish (sindhi-English) Movie “AWAKENINGBased on ballet “ JAAG SINDHI JAAG

Mumbai, March 4 (IANS) Senior BJP leader L.K. Advani and jurist Ram Jethmalani are among the prominent members of the Sindhi community who will attend a special screening of a movie called “The Awakening” at the Films Division auditorium in New Delhi March 9.

The movie, directed by Dharambir Kumar, traces the lineage of the Sindhis from the time of the Sindhu Saraswati (Indus Valley) Civilization, though it is not a documentary on the community.

Based on a fictitious story written by Vinod Raman Nayar, it is about a New York-based girl called Sindhu and how, while doing her research on the Sindhu- Saraswati Valley Civilization, she discovers her Sindhu roots.

Through the eyes of the girl born and brought up in New York and her Mumbai-based grandmother, who steadfastly holds on to her Sindhi heritage, the movie sees the community’s evolution and the subsequent travails, a large section of its members faced following the partition of India. The movie dramatize the events that led to large-scale forced migration of Sindhis from their base, loosing touch with their roots, and how close-knit community disintegrated.

“The Awakening” has been produced by well-known Sindhi composer, lyricist and singer Koshi Lalvani, wife of Dubai-based businessman Lal Lalvani, and daughter of the noted Sindhi poet Kavi Naraindas Malkani.

Better known for her Sindhi music albums and musical ballet, “Jaag Sindhi Jaag”, this is Koshi Lalvani’s maiden attempt at filmmaking “to reintroduce to the Sindhi youth their rich lineage, culture and language.” She has produced “The Awakening” under the banner of Paradise Pictures.

“I have approached the movie as two stories. One is born out of my imagination about a girl called Sindhu and her journey through history and the other is based on my research on the ancient civilization that had grown on the banks of the Indus River known in India as ‘Sindhu’. But the movie is basically an attempt to remind the Sindhis scattered the world over about their roots,” Nayar said.A Maharashtrian girl, Smitaa, plays the role of Sindhu in the movie. The cast includes Vishal Vatwani, Farida Dadi and Pankaj.

A word about AIS and an Urgent Appeal to Artists

American Institute of Sindhulogy (AIS) was inaugurated in 2000, with the mission to promote awareness of Ancient Sindhu Saraswati civilization.

National Geographical Magazine published a cover page and 20 page articles in June 2000 issue titled Ancient Civilization lost to the history- INDUS.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) inaugurated four-months exhibition on Ancient Unvoiced Civilization – INDUS in August 2000 in Tokyo-Nagoya-Yokohama. Over Million people visited exhibition.

While congratulating Koshi Lalwani on her great step to produce a movie on the roots of our civilization, AIS hopes that she and other artists will also look for more cultural themes in an effort to produce movies, ballets, songs, videos and art-work. AIS has published, so far, ten themes which can serve the artistic appetite of our artists for their projects ( please turn to < > and click on projects

Dial V.Gidwani- Sindhu American

Founding President

American Institute of Sindhulogy to promote knowledge of Sindhu & Saraswati Civilzation- NON PROFIT,NONRELIGIOUS,NONPOLITICAL INSTITUTE
1740 Ridge Avenue #LL15 B
Evanston Illinois 60201
847 491 6930 //Fax 847 491 0923
AIS is pleased to announce that part one (Researched sixty Pages) “The history of freedom movement in British India with emphasis on the role of heroic Sindhi freedom fighters” is posted on the web site
history of freedom movement in British India with emphasis on the role of heroic Sindhiters”

Please note: The above report was first published at Indus Asia Online Journal on April 18, 2008 at 1:14 pm. Now we are reproducing the same with some new addition to the link to BBC Urdu website report written by Nisar Khokhar.

15 thoughts on “BBC REPORT ON THE AWAKENING: Singlish (Sindhi-English) Movie”

  1. to khe sallam huje sindhi lal wani koshi salam huje man sindhi camret jsqm karkun
    sindhi abid
    ager tahn ji film manjha kum huje te maan khe yaad kejo sindhi
    here all time here for sindhi

  2. Im realy very happy to know this all… i salute you Koshi ji.. Sansaar here from Karachi, Sindh

  3. Dear Koshi,
    Salam /Namasti,
    Sain sadain kareen mathy Sindh sukar,
    Dost mitha daldar alam sabhu abad kareen
    ur great work
    “The Awakening”
    Every sindhi should be proud of ur great work
    I will not comment on strengths & weaknesses of movie but the Koshi’s intention/ struggle/love for Sindhiyat/to join hands to regain the Glory & Granduer of “Great Sindhu Sabhita”
    • Sindhiyat is the soul of Sindh and Sindhis; Our parents struggled for peaceful, prosperous, culturally rich and financially strong Sindh and Sindhis with Zero IDENTITY crisis and …more for “Peaceful World”,
    • Sindh without u is body without soul; after partition and departure of large # of Sindhis from motherland; Sindh has lost its grandeur and glory.
    Suggested Solution: New vision with strategic planning to achieve the goal of
    •United Sindhis
    Strategies /Activities: Multi pronged holistic approach [Track T I/T II/T III]
    lets come out of fear and work together

    Nisar Solanki

  4. Dear Koshi,today 15 Nov,my story has published in kawish along with foto of awakening,i i also mention that ur song Sas Mukko Soan Moonkhay has also created sensation in Sindh by telecasting on KTN.

  5. I want to see the movie ‘awakening’. Please make arrangements to release the same at Ahmedabad…as there are many sindhis in Ahmedabad

  6. I just saw this film and it was shockingly bad. I am really disappointed that a film which could have so much potential of a great storyline and the chance to promote Sindhi culture, lacked any substance and any attempt to educate the public on Sindhi heritage. The acting was embarassing and I feel like I wasted 2 hours of my time watching it. If you are thinking of seeing this film, please think twice or thrice before watching it!

  7. All these joint activities like movies is ok but remember we need to be very careful that these things should NOT dilute Pakistan’s identity, integrity, values and above all the legacy of why Pakistan was carved out of India!

  8. My Hats off to Koshi Lalwani for this sindhi english movie,
    In Bombay enough publicity should have been given so that more and more sindhies could have seen the movie.
    I hope it will be released again when it is feasible
    with warmest wishes
    pishu khushalani

  9. I wanted to know where it is running “the awakening in dubai”. please treat this urgent

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