Capital be shifted from Islamabad to Dera Ghazi Khan/ Bahawalpur or Raheemyar Khan

By Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
Friends Pakistan is in a precarious position at the moment. At this crossroad of our history, keeping an eye on the various religious groups, conflicting interests of local and international agencies, various
militant groups, divided tribal loyalties, a struggling economy, an apparently reasonably aware but weaker civic culture, a nominal democracy contrasted with militant tribes, as inside observers all we can say is it looks like an incredible mess. In this catastrophic condition I have following four
suggestion for all of you and for all the rulers (PPP, PML-N, ANP, JUI & MQM) and for the civil society of
Pakistan. I think after the Marriot blast and continuing insurgency in NWFP & tribal areas it is high time when we should address the fundamental questions.


1. To save the diplomatic missions, parliament, Supreme Court and other
national institutions and to provide the direct access to all tolerant,
liberal and peaceful people of Pakistan the capital should be shifted from
Islamabad to Dera Ghazi Khan or Bahawalpur
or Raheem Yar Khan. These three
cities of Seraiki belt of
are natural hub and focal points of the
Pakistan. These three cities are encircled by Punjab
, Sindh,
Balochistan and Pakhtunkhwah and Major cities of all the four provinces like
Sukkur, Jacobabad of Sindh, Sui & Loralai of Balochistan,
and Dera
Ismail Khan
are situated within a radius of 250 kilometers.

2. Keeping in view the allegation of the international powers that our law
enforcing agencies have been infiltrated by extremists, the new recruitment
in armed forces should be made from religiously tolerant indigenous Sindhis,
Seraikis and Balochs.  The major share in key posts, secretary-ships and
senior policy making positions of federal govt and investigating agencies
should also be given to Sindhis, Seraikis and Balochs.

3. At least half or 1/3rd of the NATO forces of Pak-Afghan border and
Afghanistan be replaced with Peace Forces of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria,
Nigeria, Egypt, Malaysia, Libya, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other Islamic

4- Cross-border attacks and bombing on civilian population in NWFP, FATA and
Balochistan be stopped at once and a national peace and disaster management
be formulated in consultation with all political parties, lawyers and
civil society representatives and the independent judiciary be restored.

Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate
Forum for Rights Justice & Peace (FRJP)

Addr: B-48, Prince Town, Qasimabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

One thought on “Capital be shifted from Islamabad to Dera Ghazi Khan/ Bahawalpur or Raheemyar Khan”

  1. it is right that the threat of the extremists in these cities are very high.

    I am also belong from D.G.Khan city. I am well aware of the situation the law and order situation is very poor due to our sardars system which is effected through the decades.

    We want to select our public representatives as a politicians of D.G.Khan but failed to do that because of deep rooted connections among sardars.

    Khurram Shahzad
    MBA-3rd Semester
    Virtual University of Pakistan

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