Pak Capital be shifted

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia

There is a very interesting discussion occurring on other Sindhi e-lists about the increasing terrorist attacks in Islamabad and other cities. A proposal initiated by Ayaz Palejo calls for the shifting of the Pakistani capital from Islamabad to Deira Ghazi Khan/ Bahawalpur/ Raheemyar Khan or Sukkur. The main advantage being cited is the closeness of the proposed area to all four provinces and the shifting of the Pakistani capital will promote better relations between the people of four provinces.

The main counter argument being presented is that it does not matter where the Capital is and that these attacks are being instigated by the shakers and movers in Punjab as they do not accept the presidency of a Sindhi having Baluch roots.

I personally think that moving of the Capital, although a costly step would definitely bring a lot of convenience for almost all people in Pakistan. Currently a person living in Quetta or Sindh has to travel even on small matters to far away city of Islamabad. This is done at a considerable expense. For example, I recently read that it costs for a Sindhi in hundreds of dollars to go to Islamabad just to try to get a visa for travel to the USA. As far as, vicious propaganda against Mr. Zardari is concerned, it is being instigated and supported by traditional anti-Sindhi, anti-Baluch, anti-PPP, and anti-Pakistani people groups and individuals who believe that their interests would be better served if a General or Nawaz Sharif was to head the Pakistani government.

Sep 24, 2008

Pakistan- War against terrorists: is it our war or is it not?

By Javed Qazi, Karachi, Sindh

Being a student of English legal system I had been through general principles of law. These are the principles quite universal in nature and the English or European Union courts basically upheld to these principles via encoded laws or if those legislatures made laws are not corresponding to these principles, the principles will prevail. The idea behind rule of law is basically to uphold the general principles and gauge the man made law through such spectrum.

The exceptional out of these principles that stroked me the most is the doctrine of proportionality: that obligation on individual can only be imposed when his rights are safeguarded. From this preview if we shall see to the present confusion the nation is fraught with that pertains to the war against religious extremists and that weather this war is our war or merely we are used by the US, we could visit to its breadth and width, and some how get to nearly a position to draw some outlines. That why is it my war? Or when the state is not mine why this war is mine? Or make the state protect my rights thus proprietary right I get in it and I will own this war too.


At one place to say that it is not our war would completely be wide of the logical reasoning if we own our country. Since the very immediately these are the people, economy, culture and history which are under threat. These are Pakistanis not the Americans. This is not American land in which they have made terrorist hatcheries. This is not Americans Christian religion which has been hijacked. This is not American video shop for that barber shop, this is not the Marriot hotel located in Florida or this was the Benazir Bhutto not Hillary Clinton whom they had killed.

Yes after that if there is any one against whom these religious extremist are at war with is not the US alone but is it the entire world. I still do own the war of Chi Guerra in Latin America that was against the imperialism and one way was identical to that of Talibans etc for they had also used guerrillas war tactics but again they did not misused religion and using of guerilla tactics was limited to the level fighting with the rulers force; their places were hit not the common men¢s; not that they destroyed girls schools or they had put woman under the veil and were barbaric. They basically had faith on bringing the social security to every man not that the wanted to bring the rule as these Talibans and Al-Qaeda had brought in Afghanistan. I own a fight that could be fought against  imperialism and that is in the hands of sensible leaders not that blinds having a blind faith and the blind interpretation of Islam.

One can wonder! How religion could become a deadly weapon if it is exploited and the beginning in this respect was mad by the US when they installed usurper in Pakistan and passively was behind the civilian and secular and popular leader¢s murder by that dictator. It was not the murder of an individual; the dictator destroyed the whole plurality of the society. And then they installed another dictator to undo what Zia had done. But since dictator and peoples rules are antonyms of each other, this recently went dictator distorted the plurality in his own way. People had no trust in him rather they were more in support of Taliban as they had challenged to the dictator. It is ironical still there are many writers and the journalists like who are feeling that this is war against Imperialism and against their agents here in Pakistan.

I am afraid it is the way they hold that as the US exploited religion against the Soviet invasion let now the religion is used as weapon against the US.

This society has gone divided now that there are people and segments of society who being conservative and religious centric are not openly criticizing rather are sympathizers of Taliban etc. They are devoid to resolute and vow against this barbaric acts and the acts that weakens the country from within. The whole plurality the very fundamental element that society is made up of is being jeopardized by these religious terrorists. If such criminal silent is continued from their part and they hold that they are Jihadies and fighting against infidels and their agents in this country and that they are our strategic asset given to our geo political surroundings and thus provide us a strategic depth. This belief surely ends up at bringing this country to the brink of to get wiped off from the worlds map. God forbid!

We have to own this war for they have exploited our religion that beautiful religion of peace and love of the holy prophet that beautiful interpretation of it made by Moulana Jala-u-din Rumi. We will not allow letting this religion be hated by the world merely because of these few misguided and blind believers of Islam.

Why is it not our war?

As the facts suggest, still people are not participatory and active to feel it as our war in these critical days of economic crisis. Right from inception people have not been delivered the goods. Their schools, health and all the amenities providing institutions and the courts are not functioning. This is the country which had become security state from a welfare state. And back again to become a welfare state requires the same long decades as it can not be achieved overnight. These people will have ownership in the affairs of state only when the state will protect their rights.

The Musharaf¢s rule was per se illegal and delivered nothing to the commaon men and that is why also this encouraged and was reason of the growth in fundamentalism, people send their children to these madrassahs for they were providing these children bread cloth and shelter and the job as well if they turn up to be a jihadi and join their brigade.

Surely now there is civilian and democratic government but we shall remember always it is not an end or welfare per se; it is a medium to achieve that. Yes democracy has been achieved but not the welfare. The moment this democracy will get mature and will be able to deliver welfare to the people. That shall be the very reason per se in bringing end of these extremists which are basically an outcome of nepotism, despotic and corrupt regimes of the past. And equally of the American policy for this region and for the world at large is another cause.

The answer of this tragedy lies in the very fabric of rule of law and its fundamental principal of doctrine of proportionality. The lack of rights that were given to the people brought this tragedy to the country in particular and to the world at large. And the sustainable solution lies in the rule of law and application of the principle of proportionality so that the ownership of people may be created in the state and thus the death of this cancer that has gone in the veins of our society.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups.

Sep 24, 2008

Capital be shifted from Islamabad to Dera Ghazi Khan/ Bahawalpur or Raheemyar Khan

By Ayaz Latif Palijo Advocate, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
Friends Pakistan is in a precarious position at the moment. At this crossroad of our history, keeping an eye on the various religious groups, conflicting interests of local and international agencies, various
militant groups, divided tribal loyalties, a struggling economy, an apparently reasonably aware but weaker civic culture, a nominal democracy contrasted with militant tribes, as inside observers all we can say is it looks like an incredible mess. In this catastrophic condition I have following four
suggestion for all of you and for all the rulers (PPP, PML-N, ANP, JUI & MQM) and for the civil society of
Pakistan. I think after the Marriot blast and continuing insurgency in NWFP & tribal areas it is high time when we should address the fundamental questions.

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