Marriot bomb speaks of more than merely a terroris attack

By Javed Qazi, Karachi

Although it was a bomb explosion by a suicide attacker on Marriot Islamabad, it speaks a lot more than merely be named a terrorist activity. It speaks of the torn society, of intolerance and how the extremists are using it more so that finally create a civil war situation and thus take over the reign of the country. If inflation had created Hiltler. If torn Afghanistan could create Mulla Umar, why not this conflict, within our texture of society, would create any other Ghazi of Red Mosque sort? Yet all these are not sustainable, they exploit and aggravate the conditions that are created by the corrupt illegal and nepotistic regimes, be that civil or the military ones. Where have those 71 billion dollars gone, the great foreign money flown in the last eight years regime of Musharaf, that has no prcedence. He has left a very legacy of great economic crisis behind. (and equally covertly a regime that cattered tot the needs of flourishing to these talibans for whole until recently we were holding it as our asset and factor extend us a strategic depth.) And this government which has hardly, after removing Musharaf has got a power in real sense. And still are kept busy by these terrorists not to get time to address the economic crisis of the country. The government whose writ is now seriously challenged by these terrorists is still to go long way ahead to create its writ.

Let us assume for a while that Talibans have taken over Islamabad! One can easily understand now they will run this country as they ran to Kabul. And finally will the world allow it to rule Islamabad? The answer is flatly no, the world will enter in this country and will take over nuclear assets and so many disasters the country would face the way it is happening in Afghanistan.

Only the sense if it could prevail would help us to save ourselves that to stop the world get against us. Only democracy and plurality could make us stand in the bunch of responsible states of the world. If we fail to let this sense prevail or let these terrorist consume the whole county, it will invite the world to deal us differently. It will turn up it to a no men land.

One may truly have lot of reservations for the US policy for this region, this country and Afghnistan. But we can not equally accept the pattern of religious extremists here in this country the way they want to handle to this conflict.

They want to deprive the nation of Pakistan from their right of choosing their regimes. Their first and foremost target to destroy is the democracy in this country. Thus the right of the people to choose their destiny on their choice, and thus to the very plurality as conceived by the Great Jinnah.

Pakistan needs a great moral and economic as well as all other support of the world to combat against terrorists and to their ideology. A way of combating against these terrorists is multidimensional, sensitive and subtle. A war which can not be fought the way these terrorists want us to drag in. it has a lot may fronts and dimensions.

It is the defeat of these terrorists they have become well exposed now and the whole nation is getting united rapidly against them and soon they shall be isolated.

These terrorists are against the very idea that was involved in formation of country. Let us work together all to defend to the idea of Jinnah of Pakistan: a country predominantly comprised of Muslims yet shall be secular.

And for that we have values of Sufis and Sadhus to help us. we have Rumi, Kabir, Bhittai, Bullah, Bahu, Fareeda, Bhagat Kanwar, sachal.

Sep 22, 2008