Keep the candle of Sindhiat burning

Sindhi Vigilance Needed to Monitor actions to privatize Oil and Gas Fields in Sindh

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

Please do not be disheartened or frustrated with the current wave of apathy among Sindhis. In my view, this phenomenon is not unique to Sindhis but other communities also go through such cyclic moods. My involvement of 25 years with our North American Sindhi community has taught me that the mood of “apathy” repeats itself, particularly after a period of hectic “political activity” of the kind that we have all experienced in the last 18 months. As a steady state develops, people will cool down their strong political leanings and become more pragmatic and realistic and the spirit of Sindhiat will be re-kindled again.
As long as some of us keep the candle of Sindhiat burning through these cyclic phases of apathy, polarization and hectic politicization, we will be ok. Many activities of Sindhiat do not require every one’s participation or a large group of people. I believe that a lot of the work for Sindh and Sindhis can be done working individually or in small groups and that work is continuing.  
Just because only one or two persons commented on my appeal about the need to do Vigilant monitoring of the proposal by the federal government to sell energy assets Sindh has not discouraged me at all. I am and I am sure many other educated Sindhis too continue to read, research and learn more to prepare ourselves about the following aspects:

1. What “privatization” of Sindhi energy assets means in the context of short term and long affects on the welfare of Sindhis? 

2. What methods, justifications and means that the federal government is likely to use to manipulate to take away proceeds from the sale of any Sindhi energy assets?

3. How best we can resist the decisions that will deny benefits from “privation” of Sindh’s energy assets to Sindhi people?
4. What solutions can be implemented for creating win-win situations for both Sindh and Pakistan?
I am confident that if a sufficient number of Sindhis in Sindh and overseas are taking this matter seriously and preparing themselves to fight any unjust and exploitive actions of the federal government, we will be successful in protecting Sindhi energy assets for Sindhis.

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