Let’s do Politics and join a Political party


By Jamil Junejo,Hyderabad, Sindh

What is Politics?

Let’s do poitics.For Politics is only way of salvation for we kind of oppressed, enslaved, and socially backward nations. It is the force which can uplift us from abyss of national slavery to national freedom from national defeat to national glory.


    Don’t try to escape from politics and indeed we can’t, because every man born into state is legally and constitutionally political animal. Just as very man living into society is social animal, similarly every man born into state is constitutionally political animal. But what we actually need is consciously and mentally political being. From mental and thought point of view political animal is one who considers political as an effective and most appropriate channel to achieve ones rights from state. And this is the area where we can escape from, and this is the area where we need to stay.

     Every one born into state, unconsciously, signs a contract with it which defines some responsibilities of state on citizens and in return some rights of citizens on state. And politics is the only channel whereby these rights are peacefully achieved. Where there is state, there will be poltics.The intensity of relationship between state and politics can be gauged from the facts and even the dictators can’t not completely deny politics. They are compelled to take support of political parties (though pseudo) to ostensibly cover their dictatorships, as done by Musharraf, Ayoub and Zia.

      Politics is the mechanism which by its institutions balances power between state and public. To deny and to avoid the politics will simply mean to leave the horse of state unbridled to transgress all the limits, to consider public for state but not state for public, and to destroy balance of power between public and state.

            The civil and political rights of people living into sate are not individual but are mainly collective in their nature. Therefore, the plausible and most suitable method of achieving such rights from state should be such which is based on collectivism and certainly it is politics. Collectivism is the sole and basis of politics. And no doubt, politics is name of Organization of interests, thoughts and bodies.

               Politics can’t be limited to political prorammes,ideologies and political parties but the organizations of Barbers, traders and other shopkeepers also come into domain of politics, because politics ,apart from way of getting rights from state, is the mechanism to stop, through organizational form, the conflicts or possible conflicts  which can arises because of similarity or divergence of interests. In this way such organizations serve as mechanism to avert the possibilities of conflicts and solve them if they arises, manage them if cant be solved.

               From Social perspective, Politics is constant combat against degeneration of society.  It works as force to create unity, order and discipline into the society.

              Most of our works are political in their end. To raise voice against absence of watch man, street lights is political act. To register complain against worse sanitary system is political act, means all the rights given by state are political in their nature and to demand them is political act.

          Just as education,science,technology are the channels where by nations achieve maximum progress and development, Similarly politics is also most important and  most effective way of achieving progress and development.Politcs was the greatest force which lifted China,Hidustan,South Africa from abyss of backwardness and slavery to modernity, progress and freedom.


            If there is such wider scope and high importance of politics, then it will be unreasonable to avoid or despise politics. Where as, it will be very wise act to do and to love politics.


Why should we join a political party?


Politics without political party is impossible. Politics means collectivism of thoughts, interests and bodies and it is the political party which makes all this. Politics means struggle and it is political party which facilitates this. Politics means to transform political maturity of public into organizational shape and whereby producing it strength and concrete shape and it is political party which chanelises this. Politics means relationship between state and public; it is political party which establishes this. Politics in democratic perspective means to elect the representative of public in parliaments and other houses; it is political party which serves this. It is political party which makes for leaders to lead and workers to be leaded .What is more, Politics is abstract thing, political party provides its concrete shape. Politics is invisible, political party makes it visible.


What kind of Political Party Sindh needs?


        Sindh needs a political Party which should be political entity into itself. This implies that a Party which has well defined nation friendly ideology, which is well organized, well disciplined, which has highly organizational  network and deepest roots into public, which is structurally and  operationally  democratic into itself, which can sustain worst times , which is immune to internal divisions, which can out live the death of its founder(s),  which is not only created by leaders but also can create leaders, which   incorporates widest range of public, most importantly which can transform ideological strength  of into organizational strength, which can transform hate,restlessness,irritation and anger of public into political enery,political movement.

    Such party should not be limited or cadre party. It should be mass party based on all the sections and classes of society and nation.

      This is ideal party to create, and indeed it is highly required if we want to change our national slavery into national freedom. No doubt, till today Sindh has not such national party which meets all the conditions, mentioned above and resultantly national struggle has undergone high losses, For Example, Due to non democratic structure our national parties:

1.        Have been confronting with problem of internal divisions and breakups, because, structurally non democratic parties have not such mechanism which can manage dissent. Dissent into structurally non democratic parties means to leave or forced to leave the party and virtually form a new party.

2.        Can not create substitute leadership because substitute leadership emerges where there is space for members to progress.

3.        Could not maintain their same strength and scope after the demise of their creator(s).

       Due to lack of roots into public and lack of widely spread Organizational network our national political Parties:

 1. Have been creating space for federal parties to hijack national movements, to reap what sowed by them, as it happened in MRD movement or is still happening.

2 .Could not transform political maturity of public into organizational shape or give them proper direction, could not transform individual political strength into collective political strength where by creating a national movement. As it was witnessed after assassination of Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto.

Now the Question arises, if we have not such Political Party, then which party should we join at present. We should join any nation friendly national party. Because, despite their enormous shortcoming they have greatly contributed towards overall national struggle. It is an other topic to discuss their contribution which we will do in next article.

4 thoughts on “Let’s do Politics and join a Political party”

  1. This is the approach we need towards politics. Very impressive article.

  2. Analytical power of writer needs to be appreciated.He has done very well in writing but on some places he seems contrdictory into himself

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