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Asif Ali Zardari took office as Pakistan ‘s new president
(Most of) Sindhis are jubiliant all over. Two days before I was watching Sindhi channels interviewing people (and local leadership of
PPP) from Larkana, Sukkur, Nawabshah and other places. They were all happy that President Zardari will make federation stronger. Does our common person really know what do they say when talking about strong federation? This is all Urdu and so-called national media influence on the opinion of common people. Disappointing factor is that our own media and intellectuals and writers (except very few) are in race for scoring more and more in praising the now President Zardari and Ministers, naturally to get something for them. They will, however, speak (for Sindh and the rights of Sindhi) when they become disappointed and when their desires and expectations are not fulfilled. 

It is unfortunate on our part that we have one party system in Sindh as for as electionary politics is concerned. No alternate, no competition, naturally no pressure and result: no progress and development. 

When PPP (wadera) gets and remain in power we Sindhi just dance and when they lose the power (mainly because of their malpractices, corruption, incapability and incompetence) we protest. This is our politics for the last forty years. Thanks to our nationalist/ progressive politics (in the past) and their pressure that PPP/PML and waderas did not get the chance to sell out the  whole Sindh for their power. Unfortunately the role of such parties, individuals and groups at present is not encouraging and somewhat disappointing. 

What will happen now, some waderas will get power, ministries and top slots. The price of their power to be paid by common people of Sindh. Exploitation of Sindh will continue. 

It may be recalled that President Zardari has not achieved this only because of sacrifices of his party leaders, but sacrifices of poor people of Sindh and after selling Coal reserves (worth trillions of dollars) of Sindh, the three highways that has been taken over by NHA in this govt. and other secret deals that will reveal in time to come. Bhutto lovers will now visit his/her shrine after paying toll-tax (to Islamabad/Punjab) at larkana-naudero- lakhi road. People of Thar and Thatta will also pay tax to NHA for travel within area for using Coastal and Mithi highways. It may be recalled that for last 11 years toll-tax of (Karachi-hyderabad) super highway is already being collected by NHA/Fauji Foundation/FWO. People of Sindh are paying toll-tax on all NHA highways on either side of Indus river from Karachi to Kashmore/Obaro. The condition of roads and facilities along the highways, even after paying billions of tax every year, is very poor. The whole money collected from Sindh is invested in Punjab and NWFP on the development and upgradation of roads. Has ever been asked from the Federal Govt/NHA that how much money they collect from Sindh and how much they re-invest on roads in Sindh. 

Consumers of Sindh are paying 45% extra on per unit of electricity as compared to Lahore/Punjab consumers. Though Provincial Assembly has passed resolution, but will this anamoly be removed and consumers of Sindh will be compensated for over payment they have been charged for years.

What special technology and techniques have Punjab/Islamabad to run the business of airports, seaports, highways, tourism, culture, archeology, agriculture, and many departments (being run from Islamabad) that Sindh and other smaller provinces do not have. More than 80% of natural gas is produced by Sindh and what is it’s benefit to it. More than 80% employees in this sector and in all other federal government departments are from Punjab . 

There is a long list of atrocities being committed out with poor people of Sindh and other small provinces. 

Sir, to be very blunt, the way PPP is running (no clear cut goals, direction and priorities) I am completely disappointed that PPP can deliver to common Sindhi people. 

Sindh can get its rights and prosper until, new/alternate leadership and parties rise particularly from middle and lower class and gets rid of wadera parties/politics. In a critical/present phase of 
transition in the South Asia, this has to be done soon, else Sindh will again face 1940’s like situation (when our national leadership was off-board at the phase of partition of India ) and may be trapped in a new/drastic situation for coming decades. 

“Saeen Sadaeen Kareen Mathey Sindh Sukar, Dost Mitha Didlar Aalam Sabh Abad Kareen”

Zulfiqar Mirani

zmirani@yahoo. com 

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