How Sindh will survive economically, politically, and culturally in the next 100 years

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Virginia, USA

The article of New York Times pertains to extremely important development that could impact how Sindh survives economically, politically and culturally in next 100 years. Any thoughtless support or irrational opposition to the upcoming actions of the federal or provincial governments could be harmful to the interests of Sindh. In the immediate future, educated Sindhis should get prepared to collect data, analyze data, and take well thought-out and rational actions to safeguard long-term interests of Sindh. The news about the sale of substantial interests in the Qadirpur Gas field in Sindh and other assets of Sindh (the second largest Gas field Pakistan) has been in industry publications for couple of weeks. The following provides links and brief extracts from those news items:

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Don’t be trapped


Asif Ali Zardari took office as Pakistan ‘s new president
(Most of) Sindhis are jubiliant all over. Two days before I was watching Sindhi channels interviewing people (and local leadership of
PPP) from Larkana, Sukkur, Nawabshah and other places. They were all happy that President Zardari will make federation stronger. Does our common person really know what do they say when talking about strong federation? This is all Urdu and so-called national media influence on the opinion of common people. Disappointing factor is that our own media and intellectuals and writers (except very few) are in race for scoring more and more in praising the now President Zardari and Ministers, naturally to get something for them. They will, however, speak (for Sindh and the rights of Sindhi) when they become disappointed and when their desires and expectations are not fulfilled. 

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