New Sindh Assembly Web Site

A letter to the Honorable Speaker Sindh Assembly

It is disappointed that the site is only available in English and Urdu. It is indeed shameful that “Sindhi web version” is missing from one of the most important institution of Sindh.

Anyway, I searched for e-mail addresses of various senior officials but none were available. I therefore submitted my appeal to start work on the Sindhi version using the facility of the “Contact Us” functionality. My appeal is reproduced below. I urge other fellow Sindhis to do the same and as well send your appeals to prominent PPP leaders and senior government officials. To go to the “Contact Us” function, click the following link, write your appeal (feel free to use part or all of the text that I used), and click the “Submit” button:

I also plan to write letters separately to other PPP officials whose e-mail addresses are available with me. My recommendation is that we escalate our campaign for the addition of the Sindhi version further if the concerned officials do not respond to our appeal in the next few days.


Dear Mr. Speaker,

Congratulations on the launch of the new web site of Provincial Assembly of Sindh. We are grateful to the Government of Sindh and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for their partnership on this project. However, unfortunately, millions who can only read Sindhi and have no reading proficiency in Urdu or English will not be able to appreciate this great accomplishment. An immediate action from your office to add Sindhi version of the web side will be greatly appreciated.

We are cognizant of the fact that you have assumed the role of the Assembly leader only few months ago but the fact remains that the voters who can only read Sindhi played an extremely critical role in the last elections that enabled you to become Speaker and PPP to form government in Sindh.

The exclusion of Sindhi language from the web site of one of most important institutions is a clear violation of the “Teaching, Promotion and Use of Sindhi Language” law passed by this very institution on 7 July 1972. The clause 6 of this law requires that Sindhi should be used in offices, courts, legislature, and other institutions of Sindh.

We sincerely hope that this matter will receive your immediate attention and a Sindhi version be added before native Sindhis become further alienated from the representatives that they helped to elect.


Khalid Hashmani

McLean, Virginia


Sep 5, 2008