First clean the mess of home then blames others

By Shakeel Nizamani, Calgary

The recent event of burying women in Balochistan and then defending it by one of them showed some real picture of these Balochistan, who claim to be terrorized by Islamabad security forces, rightly so, but at the same time they themselves are committing the acts of terrorism on their women. Keeping quite and not condemning act, to me, simply is nothing but HYPOCRISY and it makes them accomplice to this act.

In such circumstances, if they get freedom or whatever you call it, it may be freedom for these Sardars but not for common people of Baluchistan and specially not for vulnerable ones like women.

Everybody was clamoring on the death of , rightly so, but these women were as human as he was… No Baloch/Sindhi is making noise for the cause of justice specially not those ones who are in the power and the silence of so-called nationalists/ progressive leaders unmasks their hypocrisy.

These so-called progressive Sardars and freedom fighter should, at least, condemn this act in no certain terms. First clean the mess of  home then blames others.

August 31, 2008

2 thoughts on “First clean the mess of home then blames others”

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  2. Ignorance never stopped anyone from outrage. Never mind that the Senator who reportedly defended the practice is a keen supporter of Pakistan and considered an ISI agent by the Baloch activists. Nawab Bugti, on the other hand, defended the right of women to marry for love. It doesn’t prevent the writer from dragging in the name of a dead man to besmirch his honor (while obviously being ignorant of his views).

    Reporters from Pakistan never miss an opportunity to malign Baloch culture by selective reporting of crimes and retrogressive individual leaders. The story in the Guardian quoted only one Baloch (if correctly reported, it is certainly outrageous and condemnable), while ignoring all the others.

    Nawab Bugti once told a BBC reporter that in his life he had personally officiated over 60 love marraiges of Baloch but Pakistani reporters ignore such reformers.
    The Baloch need to be vigilant. Baloch in exile should write to newspapers on such occassions to clarify the state of affairs and who is really encouraging such heinious crimes.

    Here is a comment on the online Guardian website:


    Sep 02 08, 3:57am (about 11 hours ago)

    The article “Pakistan: Three teenage girls buried alive in tribal ‘honour’ killing” plays loose with the facts by claiming that,

    In Pakistan’s national parliament, an MP from Baluchistan, Israrullah Zehri, said on Friday that “this action was carried out according to tribal traditions, a view backed up by some other male lawmakers, who attacked a woman senator who had raised the case.”

    As a matter of fact, the Senate unanimously condemned the killings (almost a quarter of the representation is from Balochistan, most of it male).

    While the article speculates that no one will be arrested, seven suspects have been arrested and an investigation is on-going.

    The reporter seems to be interested in sensationalizing this tragic incident, perhaps to promote some stereotypes. The story was exposed by a Balochistan reporter for a Sindhi newspaper [channel] and the crime has been widely condemned by numerous Baloch leaders.


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