Sindhi speakers in India

States of India by Sindhi speakers
This is a list of States and Union Territories of India by speakers of Sindhi as of census 2001. Gross population figures are available online. Sindhi speakers; India 2,571,526,  Gujarat 957,682,. Maharashtra 707,214, Rajasthan 378,598, Madhya Pradesh 259,496, Chhattisgarh 89,585, Delhi 42,937, Uttar Pradesh 33,240, Karnataka 15,855, West Bengal 8,018, Andhra Pradesh 7,621, Haryana 6,343, Tamil Nadu 6,241, Uttarakhand 5,094, Orissa 3,680, Jharkhand 2,695,  Goa 539, Meghalaya 232, Daman and Diu 221, Dadra and Nagar Haveli132, Arunachal Pradesh 110, Pondicherry 97, Chandigarh 90.

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2 thoughts on “Sindhi speakers in India”

  1. Dear Friend
    As per my knowledge in India there is no provision of counting popuplation on the basis of spoken languages. I will be pleased if you can quote any other source of information for your post because at wikipedia any body can edit information. This is just for your information we at are working on the project of Sindhi population in India and till date what information we have that suggest sindhi popullation much more than what you had quoted.

    Satnam waheguru.

    1. ya brother but Sindh needs all of these our relatives back in Sindh
      this time we cant talk sinhdi in any where or any place of sindh
      bcz after the partition muhajirs came and they are finishing our culture
      they also used word terroist robber for sindhis and illitrac words for our language
      i cant take it any more i will strt GORRILA WAR AGIANTS MUHAJIRS IN SINDH AND I want to suggest all my Sindhi Hindu brothers dont leave Sindh………… according to population department in 1999 there are 70 lac Sindhi hindus in sindh more than india
      we want to increase this population and we want to see sindhi hindus in every departmnt of SINDH and also in Assembly………….

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