Establish a Truth & Reconciliation Commission

By Aziz Narejo, TX, USA

Restore judges today, establish truth commission, try Musharraf & his collaborators

The first order of the day for the government should be acting on the 3rd November, 2007 order of the 7-member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and restore the judiciary as it stood that fateful day. They don’t have any excuse any more.


As I join the masses in Pakistan in their very well-earned celebration and jubilation at the departure of a military dictator, I write these lines to address the present rulers in Pakistan.


I know they have already started drum-beating to take the credit of the departure of the general but I must warn them that they soon may be mourning again if they let the military dictator go without standing trial for his heinous crimes against the elected assemblies, the Constitution, the people and the country. There may come another long-booted savior to kick them out and put them behind bars or even hang one or two civvies next time around.


The civilian government has to change the ways it has been doing business. They have to establish rule of law and have to discard the corrupt and inefficient elements they have brought in their present government. The people must see that things have changed. At present it is merely the continuation of the decade of another civilian failure of 1990s.


The government has to close doors on any future military adventurists. To do so they have to bring the military dictator and his collaborators to face the law. They must establish a “Truth & Reconciliation Commission” with people of unimpeachable character like Justice Rana Bhagwandas, Justice Fakhruddin G Ibrahim, Asma Jahangir and others like them to look into the crimes and the excesses of military as well as civilian rulers, bureaucrats, business leaders and others. There must be a process of finding out the truth and healing. All will go in vain otherwise.


Please read the petition at: and sign it if you agree.

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