AUGUST 15, 1947 -Sixty one years AGO Sindhis were forced to leave their beloved home and migrated to Indian territory. History has not recorded about the exodus and Sindhi sacrifices. Our third and fourth generations are curious to know of the past history and about our ancestors. Please read sixty five pages of history posted on the web site.

PARTITION Of Sub-continent – SINDH THROWN TO WOLVES – Book – From Sindh Story

By Late Professor Kewal R. Malkani

Submitted By Dial V. Gidwani- Sindhu American

Text verified and edited by Dr. Dur Pathan of Gul Hayat Dokri from his archives

The review by Martin Rubin in New york times of September 27,2007 of two new books” India Remembered ” by Pamela Mountbatten, and and “India summers” reveals that Partition of India was the hasty act of the Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten.


Coalition shouldn’t waver, must impeach Musharraf & restore pre-emergency judiciary

By Aziz Narejo, TX, USA

Fahim, Aitzaz, Imran, others should support impeachment move 

Many had doubts when the coalition announced to impeach dictator Musharraf and rightly so as the people had seen the indecisiveness, irresolution, vacillation and going back on pledges and promises especially by the senior partners in the government. It sounded too good to be true. Still many others took it as a real chance, a first of its kind in Pakistan , to impeach a military dictator, overthrow him and establish the supremacy of the Parliament and the Constitution.

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