Roots Of Sindhi Civilization- Its Glory & Greatness

By Rohan Bijlani, Naples, Florida, U.S.A

Two Comments: 1. The following article in Indus Asia Online Journl is truly worthy of note:

Roots Of Sindhi Civilization- Its Glory & Greatness
By.G. T. Shahani, President, RESEARCH & REFERENCE CENTER (Historical Division)

The article is highly inspirational and instructive – and brings a searchlight to the greatness of Sindh as far back as seven to ten thousand years back.  I must congratulate you for bringing this great article to our notice My regret is that in printing this article, a fine print has been used which used that truly strains the eyes.  I wish you would be so kind as to consider using a larger print to make this great article, somewhat easy to read.



2. I have also read the article about Mr. L.K.Advani’s autobiography in IAOJ.  There are those who say that Mr. Advani’s politics are often known to be divisive and non-secular but  really I do not know much about politics and also, I am waiting for the copy of his autobiography to help me understand for myself. 

Be that as it may, ,  I do not  at all doubt  Mr. L.K.Advani’s sincerity i his longing and love for Sindh because it is love and longing  which all our parents and their parents continue to feel towards Sindh even though they had to abandon Sindh in such tragic circumstances; and to some extent, the legacy of that love is passed on to our generation. 


Mr. Advani’s  quotation from Bhagwan Gidwani regarding Late Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s participation in Hindu prayers at  Sadhbela in Sukkur, Sindh, should be reprinted in golden letters by you so that Sindhis anywhere and everywhere –  whatever their religious faith – would know that in Sindh, such were the relations of goodwill between the two communities  that Hindus visited the shrines of Muslim Saints and the Muslim devotees paid homage to  Hindu Rishis.


HISTORY, they say, repeats itself. I do not know if that phase in Sindh’s life will repeat itself..Maybe, you and your readers would have a viewpoint on this.


Rohan Bijlani 

(Naples, Florida, U.S.A.)

Received via email:

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