Twelfth International Communist Seminar

Twelfth International Communist Seminar
“The Marxist-Leninist Party and the anti-imperialist front facing the war”
Brussels, May 2-4, 2003 , ics[at]
General Resolution of the International Communist Seminar
Peoples of the world, let us unite against US preparations of a Third World War!
Brussels, 4 May 2003
The war of aggression on
Iraq perpetrated by the US and British imperialists, which began on 20 March 2003, marks a turning point in history. It follows the counter-revolutionary process completed in Soviet Union by Gorbachev in 1990. This counter-revolution has indeed changed the world balance of powers to the advantage of imperialism and mainly of US imperialism.

US imperialism has violated the system of international legality established after the victory of the world coalition against German, Italian and Japanese fascism. The current Charter of the United Nations is in great part the product of the victory of the Soviet Union over the bulk of the fascist troops. Thanks to this victory, the USSR was able to make include in the UN Charter the principles of respect for the national sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all member countries.
Now that the great
Soviet Union has been completely destroyed, the savagery inherent in the imperialist system is being imposed again on the whole world. The United States first tore up the UN Charter with its flagrant war of aggression against Yugoslavia. With its war of aggression against Iraq, flouting UN legality, it has exposed itself veritably as the only outlaw state, the only rogue state.
Hitler left the
League of Nations in 1934 in order to get his hands free for his wars of conquest… and Richard Perle, Bush’s ideologist, has recently said that he enjoyed the demise of the UN.
The attack of
September 11, 2001 served as a pretext for the application of militarist plans on a world scale, that had been elaborated for years already. On September 20, 2001, Bush said: “Americans should not expect one battle, but a lengthy campaign, unlike any other we have ever seen. (…) Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” Bush demands the submission of all countries in the world, with only two options: being on the side of US hegemonism, or being classified as terrorist or as a sympathiser of terrorism.
Some people claim that the wars of aggression against
Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq are the first salvos of the third world war for which the United States is preparing itself. Fidel Castro, speaking on May Day 2003, declared that Bush has developed “a global military dictatorship imposed through brutal force, without international laws or institutions of any kind. ( …) The world is coming under the rule of Nazi concepts and methods. ”
The aggression against
Iraq has indeed world-wide consequences. Washington has waged this war not only for the purpose of establishing a US monopoly over the Iraqi oil, but also in order to intimidate and subjugate Saudi Arabia, the largest producer of oil, and to transform Iraq into a base to launch future wars against Iran and Syria. Bush has also launched this aggression in order to be able to liquidate the Palestinian resistance, the vanguard of all the Arab masses against imperialism, with the objective of completely dominating the entire strategic region of the Middle East. The war against Iraq is also indirectly a war against France and Russia, the largest purchasers of Iraqi oil.
US wars of aggression against Yugoslavia and Afghanistan had the objective of enabling the US to get its hands on the enormous Caspian and Central Asian oil and mineral reserves. These two wars clearly announced the hostile intentions of the US vis-à-vis Russia.
The war against
Iraq, as indeed that against Afghanistan, was equally aimed at denying China access to the oil of the Middle East and of Central Asia. It is already a prelude to a US war against the People’s Republic of China.
From the globalisation of the economic crisis to world war
The last twenty years we have witnessed gigantic waves of capital concentration on a world scale. Currently, a dozen of multinationals control the various sectors of the world economy. Everywhere they intensify exploitation and reduce the number of workers, while drastically increasing productivity. Overproduction has become a generalised phenomenon.
The world’s two hundred major multinationals represent 25% of the world’s manufacturing value. A few thousands of multinationals (on a total of 65,000) own the major part of the means of production of the capitalist world and make them work for the only purpose of realising a maximum of profits for the shareholders. The vast majority of the world population is kept outside of modern industrial production. The workers are overexploited and underpaid. All these express the fundamental and insoluble contradiction of the capitalist system: an apparently limitless productivity relative to constantly shrinking markets. All this unavoidably leads to crises, which shake the foundations of the imperialist system, and to world wars. This contradiction places a tiny minority, which owns and controls gigantic means of production, in an irreconcilable opposition with the overwhelming majority of the more than six billion people living on this planet.
In spite of all its “gains”, achieved thanks to neoliberal globalisation, the
United States is confronted with the biggest crisis of its entire history. It has a global debt (internal and external) of 20,000 billion dollar, almost twice its Gross Domestic Product. Their shares in the stock exchange remain over-valued, and new crashes are inevitable. The ratio between the average profit and the average price of a share (the so-called earnings price ratio) was 2.95% in 2001, compared with 13.46% in 1979.
The European Union (EU) has become an imperialist block, which can compete with the
United States in the economic and financial fields. In 2001, the GDP of the EU amounted to 8,000 billion dollar, compared with the USGDP of 10,000 billion dollar. It must also be reminded that the London stock exchange is as important as the US stockmarkets of New York and Chicago.
The Euro is challenging the position of the US dollar as the only international reserve currency. A transfer to the Euro of a significant part of the current world reserves held in dollars would provoke an economic earthquake. The same holds true if a major part of the
US currency used in the oil trade would shift to the Euro.
By 2010, the 10 ASEAN member states plus
China is bound to become the biggest common market on the planet. This would constitute a hard blow on the US economy.
The laws inherent to monopoly capitalism inexorably push the
United States towards war on a world scale. In twenty years of neoliberal globalisation, almost all the short-term cures to the crisis have run out. The Third World is groaning under the burden of 2,500 billion dollar in debts. Privatisation has allowed multinationals to take over most of the wealth and enterprises of the Third World and of the other dominated countries. They have also taken over most of the world’s markets, thanks to economic liberalisation. The globalisation of the economic dominance of the multinationals has led to a global gridlock.
The Bush team came to power without being elected in a regular way, thanks to a “coup” instigated by the oil, armaments and aeronautical monopolies. These three monopoly blocs are intent on a policy of global war.
US superpower now places its bets mainly on the “military globalisation”, on its overwhelming military superiority, in order to save its multinationals, at the expense of the rest of the world.
The US multinationals today take the only way left to capitalism when confronted with an insoluble economic crisis: the road to world war, boosting the economy through massive arms production, and with the purpose of crushing their rivals and grabbing sources of raw materials and markets…
1945: when the US took over the fight from Hitler’s Germany
To understand properly the significance of the US aggression against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, it is necessary to put them into a historic perspective.
Washington took over Hitler’s dream of world domination immediately after the defeat of the fascist powers in 1945. It prepared for a world war against Korea, China and the Soviet Union between 1945 and 1953 in a bid to establish its hegemony. But at that time, the power of the socialist camp was able to defeat the US war plans. The political and ideological degeneration of the Soviet Union since 1953 led to the complete counter-revolution in 1990. Ever since, US hegemonism has returned to its orientation towards world domination, as conceived in 1945.
Robert Murphy, adviser to the
US military governor of Germany, wrote in 1945: “General Patton wanted to re-arm two divisions of the Waffen SS and incorporate them in the 3rd US Army in order to direct them against the Reds. He said to me ‘we can push back the Red Army in Russia. With my Germans we would be able to do it.’ Patton said he would be able to reach Moscow in 30 days.”
From 1944 onward, several thousands of former Nazi’s were welcomed into the
USA to be used against the Soviet Union. Thousands of Japanese military officers and scientists, who specialised in biological, chemical and bacteriological warfare, were hired by the US army. General McArthur used them in the US war of aggression against Korea in 1950-1953.
From 1945 onward, the
US also replaced Hitlerite Germany as the most aggressive and war-mongering imperialist power. It used the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki without any military reason: the Soviet army had already crushed the Japanese army in China. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were essentially a ruthless crime committed for the purpose of nuclear blackmail against the Soviet Union. The English Field Marshall Alan Brooke has given evidence that “Churchill considered himself already capable of eliminating the Soviet Union’s industrial centres”. That is how the ‘Cold War’ started.
USSR responded to the war preparations by intensifying research in nuclear energy and rocket technology, which allowed it to break the US monopoly on nuclear weapons. Simultaneously, it marshalled many forces and resources to develop jet planes, the famous MIG’s.
The victory of the Great Chinese Revolution on
October 1, 1949 shifted the battlefront to East Asia. The US war of aggression against Korea started on June 26, 1950. The US imperialists succeeded in getting the United Nations to declare the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) as the aggressor. The United States sent to Korea troops under the command of General McArthur. On October 23, he took Pyongyang.
But the Korean resistance was strong and shook the aggressors. On November 30, president Truman declared: “We can always consider to use the nuclear weapon”. However, this was met with strong resistance from his allies.
December 24, 1950, McArthur drew up a list of targets in China and in the DPRK, for which 26 atomic bombs would be needed. On March 24, 1951, McArthur once more asked permission to use the atom bomb, but the only thing he got was his dismissal as commander-in-chief of the UN troops. On May 19, 1953, US officers once more recommended the use of the atom bomb, and the National Security Council supported this recommendation.
US aggression killed 3,000,000 Koreans according to certain estimates, but the resistance led by the Workers’ Party of Korea and Comrade Kim Il Sung triumphed – a resistance supported by socialist China and by the Soviet Union. Under the leadership of the World Peace Council, the largest peace movement that the world has ever known developed against the US aggression in Korea. 500 million people signed the Stockholm Appeal, demanding among other things, the banning of nuclear weapons and general disarmament.
US aggressors failed to defeat the Korean and Chinese armies. They had to abandon their plan of a world war to eliminate socialism in Korea, in China and finally in the Soviet Union. It was a victory of internationalism, a victory of the unity of all communists, of all anti-imperialist forces and of all peace-loving people of the entire world.
At the time of the US aggression against Korea, the Soviet Union issued a declaration that takes on new significance for us today, 53 years later: “If the imperialists start a third world war, this war will be the grave, not only of separate capitalist states, but of world capitalism as a whole”.
Let us fight US preparations for a third world war
With Bush Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Armitage, the most reactionary, repressive, expansionist and bellicose section of the US bourgeoisie has taken power. The
US has resumed its march on the road of fascism and aggression on a world scale, as it did in 1948-53.
The German bourgeoisie resorted to fascism in order to smash the powerful communist and revolutionary movement, to conquer the
Soviet Union and to fight stronger imperialist rivals like Great Britain, France and the United States. Today, the US is the sole hegemonic power, with armed presence all over the world. Bush is establishing a US-style fascism to reinforce his already established world hegemony and to fight militarily any potential rival on any continent.
In the field of domestic policy, Bush is attacking all democratic rights that could hamper his world-scale war policy. In the
United States, for the first time in history, a special ministry centralises all aspects of “internal defence”, that is to say the entire apparatus of repression. The Homeland Security Office will have 170,000 employees and a budget of 37 billion dollar. Its employees won’t have any trade union rights.
An American analyst wrote: “Since the Bush Administration came to power it has (…) been heading towards a Presidential dictatorship, whereby the waging of war abroad is accompanied by internal repression and attacks on democratic and civil rights at home. We have seen nothing like these new laws since Nazi Germany. (…) The Homeland Security Bill gives the President complete dictatorial powers: he is able to make any decision he wishes without judicial or legislative restraint. The executive branch can now carry on its meetings in secret, without scrutiny from the press or the people.”
Non-Americans, who are “suspected” of being terrorists or even just of supporting terrorists, can be judged before secret military courts. Their judgement can not be reviewed by other tribunals.
The Patriot Act justifies the use of torture against any person suspected of having knowledge of terrorist activities! The
United States has publicly acknowledged torturing suspects it has transferred from Afghanistan to the Cuban territory of Guantanamo.
Bush has resolutely opted for a world-scale war policy to save
US imperialism from its severe crisis. Paul Wolfowitz, currently Assistant Secretary of Defence, wrote in 1992 already, just after the counter-revolution in Soviet Union: “The United States will use its unrivalled military power to manage the global order, if necessary unilaterally and pre-emptively. (…) Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defence strategy and requires that we endeavour to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union and Southwest Asia.”
In other words:
Russia, China, India and, in some extent, the European Union, are potential enemies, which may suffer “pre-emptive wars” from the US. In the report to the Congress about the world strategy of his administration, Bush said: “We are attentive to the possible renewal of old patterns of great power competition. Several potential great powers are now in the midst of internal transition – most importantly Russia, India and China.”
Thus one can say that
US imperialism is preparing a new war on a world scale, for which it has already clearly indicated the targets.
The US want to introduce, in one way or another, its armed forces in about a hundred countries, under the pretext of “fighting terrorism”, but in reality to make the necessary preparations for the third world war. Bush declared on
June 1, 2002 at the military academy of West Point: “Our security will require a military that must be ready to strike at a moment’s notice in any dark corner of the world. And our security will require all Americans to be forward-looking and resolute, to be ready for pre-emptive action when necessary to defend our liberty and to defend our lives….. We must uncover terror cells in 60 or more countries.”
The wars against
Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan had as objective, among other things, to create a network of military bases. Acquiring bases is one of the essential features in the preparation of a world war. Bush declared in December 2002, in “The National Security Strategy”: “The United States will require bases and stations within and beyond Western Europe and Northeast Asia, as well as temporary access arrangements for the long-distance deployment of U.S. forces. Before the war in Afghanistan, that area was low on the list of major planning contingencies. We must prepare for more such deployments”.
Asia, with its two powers, namely China and India, who have the potential to stand firm against US hegemonism, is the primary target of US imperialism. Serious difficulties stand in the way of the US in waging major wars of aggression there: the large distances, the absence of US military bases in the region and the lack of infrastructure. For this reason, US imperialists are doing their utmost to get back their military bases in the Philippines, which they had to abandon in the past. This explains why US imperialism categorises the Communist Party of the Philippines, which is struggling for the genuine independence of the country, as a ‘terrorist entity’.
To block the
US war preparations and to preserve world peace, the people of the world demand the withdrawal of the US occupation troops from the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq, the dissolution of NATO and the dismantling of all US military bases abroad.
To fight the preparations of a world war, all communist, revolutionary and democratic forces must commit themselves to the defence of two of the most directly threatened countries: the Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea and the Republic of Cuba.
Since the end of the war in 1953,
Korea lives under an armistice regime. There has never been a peace agreement. The overwhelming majority of the Korean people, in the South as well as in the North, demands the conclusion of a peace agreement and of a non-aggression pact, the closure of the US bases, the denuclearisation of the whole peninsula and the peaceful reunification of Korea. Preventing the aggression against the DPRK is essential to save world peace: if Korea were to be occupied, US hegemonism would start its war preparations against China.
Cuba, that has reduced the infant mortality rate from 60 for every 1,000 live births to 6 per 1,000, and that has increased life expectancy with 15 years on average, has been qualified by Bush as one of the countries sponsoring “terrorism”! However, since 1960, it is Cuba that suffered 700 terrorist attacks from US imperialism, attacks that caused 3,478 deaths and disabled 2,099 more people.
Cuba takes measures of legitimate defence against the plans of aggression the hegemonic power is so clearly showing, the latter undertakes a new operation of political war, accusing Cuba of violating “human rights”. This way, “human rights” has become yet another psychological weapon of the United States to prepare its wars of aggression.
To defend
Cuba is to defend the flame of independence, anti-imperialism and socialism, which Cuba represents for the whole Latin-American continent. To defend Cuba is to defend Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela against US military interventions and plots. It amounts to encouraging resistance against the economic re-colonisation of Latin America, that goes by the name of Free Trade Area of the Americas.
In the framework of its preparations for a third world war,
US imperialism is waging offensives to take over the huge mineral resources of Africa. The war of aggression against the Democratic Republic of Congo, in which the US has engaged its Rwandan and Ugandan subcontractors, has cost more than 4,000,000 lives. At stake are the hydro-electrical potential, the water, the petroleum reserves, the cobalt, coltan, copper, diamond, gold, etc. of this huge country. The United States wants to control the petroleum of West and Central Africa, and it intends to build a large military basis on the island of Sao Tome. The fight for the complete independence of Africa is at the same time a fight for peace.
We affirm our solidarity with the popular masses in the
United States, who are themselves victims of monopoly capitalist exploitation, social backwardness and repression. We affirm our solidarity with all the democratic and anti-imperialist forces in the United States, and particularly with all anti-war forces that, in all communities, denounce and fight the politics of world domination of the Bush administration.
Let us mobilise against the
US threat of launching a nuclear war!
US superpower is able to destroy the entire world at least twenty times over with its nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons. We have seen this gigantic military force attack Iraq, a small Third World country of 22 million inhabitants, that it has banned from acquiring or having any “weapon of mass destruction”. Hitler himself was never able to demand and obtain the disarming of Austria, of Czechoslovakia, of Yugoslavia – small countries he intended to attack.
For the first time since 1953,
US imperialism dared to claim publicly, as it prepared to attack Iraq, that it was considering all options, including resorting to nuclear weapons! And this against a country that didn’t possess any nuclear weapon and that had been completely disarmed. At the same time, Israel had acquired some 300 nuclear warheads with the collaboration of the United States!
The Bush administration has been pursuing the fascist theory of “pre-emptive” nuclear attacks, explicitly mentioning
Iraq, North Korea, China, Russia and some other countries as possible targets.
In March 2003, US and South Korean troops carried out two large-scale joint exercises, mobilising 200,000 US and South Korean soldiers. Six Stealth F-115 warplanes and a squad of F-15’s made 220 sorties for spying and for training to attack well-defined targets in the DPRK. The Bush administration has elaborated detailed plans to bomb the nuclear installations of the DPRK in Yongbyon.
The threat of a nuclear world war has never been so serious!
August 6, 1950 the Gathering for Peace, which took place in Hiroshima, launched a world campaign against the production, possession and use of nuclear weapons, and for their prohibition. The movement for peace and against nuclear weapons, together with the people of the Third World who were struggling for their independence, and together with the socialist countries, prevented US imperialism from resorting to the nuclear weapon during its wars of aggression.
The counter-revolution in the
Soviet Union has demobilised the peace movement: it was the famous “end of history” myth, the whole world was anticipating to get “peace dividends”. But today, the people discover that it is the US, the only superpower, which is threatening the whole planet with nuclear destruction.
No sensible human being can accept the current situation where
US imperialism, with its stockpile of some 10,000 nuclear warheads, can threaten small countries such as North Korea or Iran, upon suspicion of aiming to produce a few nuclear weapons. Where in the UN Charter does it say that a single superpower can do anything it pleases in this regard, while everything is forbidden to all other countries?
US imperialism dares to use the nuclear bomb, the world movement for nuclear disarmament must be launched anew. The nuclear powers must commit themselves never to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries. They must commit themselves never to be the first to use a nuclear weapon. Complete nuclear disarmament must be organised, under UN control, starting with the country that possesses the most nuclear weapons. Finally, complete and simultaneous nuclear disarmament of all nuclear countries must be obtained.
Peoples of the world, let us unite against the number one enemy:
US hegemonism!
We are still in the era of imperialism, and socialist revolution is still the only way to eliminate capitalism, exploitation and domination once and for all in the whole world.
Today’s globalisation is nothing but the sharpening of all contradictions of capitalism, and their extension over the entire planet.
The new phase in the crisis of capitalism forces all multinationals and big capitalists to intensify exploitation, cut wages, impose social retrogression, intensify spying on the working population, repression and fascisation.
In all capitalist countries, the communists must organise the workers for the struggle against their exploiters and oppressors and for the support to the people who are fighting neo-colonialism.
Imperialist globalisation threatens the independence of all countries of
Asia, Latin America and Africa, and even of certain formerly socialist countries. Foreign debt, privatisation, liberalisation of domestic markets and IMF-World Bank domination render the independence of many countries fictitious.
In all dominated countries, the struggle for political and economic independence, territorial integrity and national sovereignty is the first and foremost revolutionary task.
US imperialism wants to impose its hegemony on the entire world by military means. It has taken the road of war on a world scale and has become the number one enemy of all the peoples of the world.
Upon the rise to power of Hitler, the fascist axis led by Nazi Germany constituted the main enemy of the peoples. The
Soviet Union proposed to Great Britain and France to form an alliance of collective security against the fascist and bellicose axis. In 1936, Palme Dutt noted that France and Great Britain had not taken an orientation towards major wars of aggression, while “it is in the countries where the full Fascist dictatorship has been established (…) that the most complete organisation of the entire State for war has been realised. It is against this most menacing war offensive of the present moment that the main fight needs to be directed at the present stage. (…) This situation gives certain possi-bilities to the forces fighting for peace to utilise these contradictions in the imperialist camp in order to place obstacles in the way of the advance to war. (…) The working class must utilise, as Lenin repeatedly pointed out, every factor and
every differentiation, however small, in the camp of the bourgeoisie in order to further its aims in a given tactical situation.”
But while
London and Paris tried, in 1939, to “divert” the fascist monster to the USSR, Stalin concluded the German-Soviet Pact, allowing the Soviet Union to intensify its defence preparations for twenty months and to create the conditions for a genuine world anti-fascist alliance.
The victory of 1944-1945 against the main enemy of the peoples opened the way for great advances in the struggle for independence and socialism.
But immediately upon the defeat of the fascist powers, US and British imperialism became the main enemy of the peoples, as they took over the project of Hitlerite Germany to destroy the socialist countries and to dominate the world.
Today, all imperialist powers are arming themselves for foreign interventions. But it is only the
United States that disposes of a military budget for a world war, amounting to 400 billion dollar. Compare this to Russia’s 65 billion (16.3% of the US military budget), China’s 47 billion (11.9% of the US), France’s 29.5 billion (7.4%) and the Germany’s 25 billion dollar (6.25%). It is only the US that is extending its military interventions on all continents, is preparing wars of aggression in the whole world and is ready to use nuclear weapons in the coming world war.
Communists are the staunchest defenders of the fundamental interests of humanity. They have to be at the vanguard to mobilise the popular masses and all peace-loving people against the main danger that is threatening them. It is only the
United States that is preparing a new world war and a nuclear war, with the objective of extending and intensifying its hegemony over the planet.
The Communist Party and the Front against imperialism and against the danger of a third world war
The history of the great anti-fascist war has demonstrated that the leading role of the communist parties that are loyal to Marxism-Leninism and to proletarian internationalism is crucial to obtain victory.
Today, once more the communists in every country and on a global scale are called upon to lead the popular masses and the broad united front against the threat of a third world war that the Bush-type of fascism constitutes.
Currently, our main task is to work for the unity of all communists, on the scale of each country and on an international scale. In order to achieve this, Lenin teaches us that a principled struggle must be waged against revisionism and Right opportunism, against unity outside of the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism. Lenin also teaches us that a principled struggle must be waged against Left opportunism and sectarianism, against the maintenance of divisions between communist groups in the absence of fundamental antagonisms.
Differences, even serious ones, can exist inside the unified communist party of a given country. Communists dispose of weapons to resolve differences and that have been tried and tested, such as democratic centralism, communist discipline, criticism and self-criticism, the mass line, the participation in revolutionary struggles and the summing up of experiences.
Our second task is to establish the broadest possible alliance between the communist forces and all anti-war and anti-imperialist forces, in each country and internationally.
The counter-revolutionary process, which started in the
Soviet Union in 1953, culminated in 1990. Since then, all imperialist powers have proven what they are capable of. They have brought about the continuous deterioration of joblessness, high cost of living, social retrogression, racism, police terror, low salaries, aggressions such as against Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, genocides such as in Rwanda and the Congo,…
The tens of millions of militants against globalisation are essentially opposed to the dominance of the imperialist powers and to the wars of aggression they are organising.
In order to develop in a healthy way, communist parties must take up their responsibility in the just mass struggles that mark their era. Genuine communists integrate the Marxist-Leninist ideas with the popular masses’ protest movements against the established order. However confused and contradictory those movements may be, it is up to the communists to bring them the light of Marxism-Leninism, in an appropriate way.
Our third task is to reinforce and orient the large global united front against the number one enemy of the peoples,
US imperialism. This front against US hegemonism and its war preparations is developing at an unprecedented scale. It is broader, more powerful and more international than the front that was set up in 1938 against the fascist axis Berlin-Tokyo-Rome.
An anti-war and anti-hegemonist movement unparalleled in history is growing against Bush’s fascism and his delirious plans for a world war to establish a 1000-year American Reich. It is crucial to strengthen and broaden the unity of the popular forces in their struggle for peace, in all countries. All calculations for peace based on confidence in the action of imperialist governments are bound to fail.
In order to build the front against
US hegemonism and its preparations for a third world war, the communists and the oppressed peoples must exploit the contradictions between the imperialists. They must distinguish the main enemy from the secondary enemies and concentrate their fire on the former. They must win over the largest possible forces for every battle.
It is undeniable that European imperialism is exploiting the dominated countries and is militarily intervening there for its neo-colonial interests.
But European imperialism is not preparing for wars on a world scale against
Russia or China.
NATO remains the framework in which
US hegemonism keeps its control over Europe. The war on Iraq has shown the divisions within the European Union, with the most reactionary, pro-US forces supporting the war of aggression. With the deepening of the crisis, the economic conflicts between US hegemonism and European imperialism will necessarily sharpen.
These conflicts may be used to strengthen and broaden the popular mobilisation against the main danger that is threatening the world: the global war policy of
US hegemonism. This mobilisation will also allow for the awakening of the popular consciousness to the entirety of the problems posed by imperialism.
Revolutionaries concentrate their blows on the main enemy in order to defeat the strongest, most dangerous and most bellicose imperialism. That way, they do the maximum to seriously weaken the entire imperialist system.
It is stage upon stage that the communists of the entire world will advance with the undertaking started in 1848 by Karl Marx, until the victory of socialism in the whole world.
Workers and peoples of the world, let us unite against the number one enemy:
US hegemonism!
Workers and peoples of the world, let us unite against the preparations for a third world war!

For the withdrawal of the US occupation forces from the Balkan, Afghanistan and Iraq.
For the dismantling of all
US military bases abroad.
For the dissolution of the aggressive NATO pact.
For the withdrawal of the
US bases from Korea, for the denuclearisation of the entire Korean peninsula, for the peaceful reunification of Korea.
Stop the
US conspiracies to destabilise Cuba, stop the preparations for a military aggression against Cuba.
For the commitment of the nuclear powers never to use nuclear weapons the first.
For total nuclear disarmament under UN control, starting with the country that possesses the largest number of nuclear weapons, in order to obtain total and simultaneous nuclear disarmament of all nuclear nations.
Solidarity with all democratic and anti-imperialist forces in the
United States.


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  1. America has always been the first to fight for the rights of freedom of others against dictatorships and tyrants. The only amount of land that they have ever asked for from WWI, WWII, the Korean war, Afghanistan, Gulf War, Iraqi freedom, and all the others is the land to berry our solders.

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