Growing Consensus for Kashmiri self-determination in India and Pakistan: Dr. Fai

Washington, D.C. July 19, 2008. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director, Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center said that the reputable World Public Opinion organization released a magnificent poll that unequivocally stated the majority of Indians and Pakistanis welcome Kashmiri self-determination. 

The poll revealed that a significant majority of the Indian and Pakistani publics are open to a range of possible outcomes for Kashmir other than it being part of their respective countries. Moreover, on neither side is there strong majority opposition to Kashmir becoming an independent country or dividing Kashmir between Pakistan and India.  The Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center welcomes this poll and sincerely thanks the efforts of the Team C – Voters who conducted the survey and polling in India and AC Nielson who conducted the same in Pakistan.

More importantly, Indians and Pakistanis show a readiness to have the Kashmiri people decide their fate. Dr. Fai stated that ‘the significance of this poll is in its clear divergence from both India and Pakistan’s official government stance.’  In other words, the peoples of Pakistan and India are more open to Kashmiri self-determination than each respective nation’s government. Adding to that, Dr. Fai reiterated that the Hindustan Times published the findings of its own survey in August 2007 that stated 87% of Kashmiri people want freedom from Indian occupation.

Furthermore, Dr. Fai stated that both India and Pakistan have been in a state of tension over Kashmir ever since the late 1940s when the British were compelled to relinquish their ‘raj.’  He reiterated ‘both India and Pakistan have fought three wars with the most recent war in 1999 raising the specter of nuclear war.  Humanity cannot afford to ignore the Kashmir tragedy.’  In addition, Dr. Fai recalled the 4600 unidentified bodies recently unearthed in mass graves to which the European Parliament passed a unanimous resolution condemning the alleged atrocities. 

Lastly, the Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center commends the continuance of the India-Pakistan peace process, though insists that both countries recognize and include the legitimate representatives of the Kashmiri people in their deliberations.  To that, Dr. Fai emphasized, ‘there can be no solution to the Kashmir crisis without the inclusion of the legitimate voices of the Kashmiri people.’ The Kashmiri American Council/Kashmir Center is committed to finding a just and lasting peace to the disputed territory of Kashmir through a peaceful tripartite negotiations and calls for the beginning of a peace process between the three stake-holders.

6 thoughts on “Growing Consensus for Kashmiri self-determination in India and Pakistan: Dr. Fai”

  1. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, and the likes of him, are nothing more than puppets in the hands of their instigators. I would like him to visit the country which claims to be a party to the dispute, Pakistan He should, while in that country, say that Pakistan too has it’s obligations towards finding a solution to the dispute. e.g, In case of a plebiscite ever being held, both the countries have to withdraw from their respective areas, and then, following some period of peace and tranquility, a plebiscite will be held. Now Dr. Fai, I am sure you know in the heart of your hearts, that no country will and should ever agree to that scenario. So please come out of your world of delusions.

  2. dr gh nabi fai is a great kashmiri leader who has devouted himself for a great and genuine cause. among all the kashmiri leaders outside kashmir he is realy most respected leader. his services for his unfortunate motherland will never go waste, india acheived freedom after a centry of fight at diffenrt fronts and levels so why not kashmir will achive freedom from the dirsteist colonizers. hats off to dr fai, keep it up sir

  3. Sir,

    I have been watching the writings od Dr. Gulam Nabi Fai for the last several years on the issue of Kashmir dispute. Although, I agree on his stand, but feel that the man has stood tall on Kashmir, but, he has not been doing enough to work on the practable solution of the problem. On one hand India has been displaying hard postures, Pakistan is in distress and as a result Kashmiries are bieng sandwiched by schemisters and greedy pro freedom and pro India politicians. Dr Fai can generate support from any corner for a justified solution to the problem to salvage whatever is left in kashmir.

  4. Mr.Fai has been moonlighting over the past 20 years, now he is doing it over the internet also! If he wishes to continue living in a fool’s paradise over so-called “Kashmiri Self-Determination” then that is his choice.
    And he can take with him these suppossed folks of India who agree with him in this so-called poll. Starting with that lose cannon Arundhati Roy.

  5. Please provide me with telepbone or cell number and address of Afzal Tahir of United Kashmir International Front.

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