Proud of their language and culture

WE can not blame others

By Shakeel Nizamani

Quebecers (French Canadians) are proud people, proud of their language and culture. They have fought back against the influence of English in Canada. The other day, I was talking to a lady of French origin, she told me that there was a time when French used to be beaten up in streets because of their unawareness of English language. They fought back and got respect for their language not only at provincial level (in Quebec province particularly and in other provinces generally but at federal level too.)

We Sindhis, victim of complex, some of us feel ashamed of our own Sindhi language and teach children the language of others.

Sometimes it is bit dishearten that even Sindhis are not speaking in Sindhi in their homes. So we cant blame others but our own mistreatment of Sindhi.

Courtesy: Sindhi e-lists/ e-groups.

5 thoughts on “Proud of their language and culture”

  1. My comments were totally misunderstood.
    I meant that there is nothing wrong in speaking any language.
    Speaking English is OK for you.
    Speaking Siraiki is OK for you.
    our great grand forefathers spoke Balochi, which is OK for you.
    you will feel that Talpur Balochis took Sindh, from Kalhora rulers of Sindh.
    But you dislike whoever speaks Urdu. My friend, will you hate great Sufi, Saint, poet of SIndh, Sachal Sarmast. He is poet of seven languages, including urdu (if I am not wrong).
    Now what you think. You still oppose Urdu, because someone else opposed, be realistic!!!!
    Is this not hatred, is this not a racism.
    I condemn, and will always condemn that kind of racism.
    Sindhis basically are democratic, liberal, and peace loving people. Hate, and racism is not in the gene of Sindhi culture.
    My message to all is the same message which great ambassadors and representatives (Sufi’s) of Sindh gave to universe is same “Piayr keryo, aeen piyar vandyo”.
    In the words of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Saeen ma sadaeen kareen mathay Sindh sukar, dost mitha dildar aalam sabh abad kareen.

  2. I don’t know one what side j.Nizamani is, but as long as Ashfaque Nizamani comments are concerned. He is playing cheap shots by making some racial comments. Moreover, yes, we are proud of Seriakei and Sindhi ( both languages of Sindh). If in his eyes, sindhi is the langauge of slaves, then he should read where Urdu emerged from ( why some respected people used to avoid speaking that langauge that has become national language.( I am refering here nobody else but Molvi A. Haq, Baba e urdue). By the way, I am not against any language but I am against the dominance of one language at the cost of others.

  3. um…touche to the both comments.. you know what is your problem .. you are just not proud of yourself, you look around and see people talking, what you do is adopt those things….you rather than standing up for yourself, join others…. you might have written a few bunch of hypocracy lines, but you from inside are quite contrary.

  4. This is the same reaction in Quebecers as Maluvis in subcontinent against English.Do you appreciate that????

  5. If you are a Nizamani, then Sindhi must not be your mother’s first language; it is Siraiki, right!!! If you are a Nizamani, then you are also a Baloch, right!!!!!!!! Now, look in yourself. Your Mom’s first language is Siraiki, and your forefathers spoke balochi!!!! right!!!!!!!!!!!
    And you are now promoting Sindhi!!!!!!!!!
    If you are not biased with Sindhi then why you are biased with urdu!!!!!! I know, Siraiki speaking Balochis still proudly say “Sindhi Golaran ji Zaban Aahay”. It means Sindhi is the language of slaves.
    So how come you a proud Siraiki speaking Baloch, now proudly promoting Sindhi. Is this a kind of hatred in your mind with Urdu!!!!!!!!! check yourself, that are you an innocent who is guilty of hypocracy in innocency.

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