Sindh Special Relief Fund

Sindh Special Relief Fund (Reply to letter)

By Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan                     

With reference to Mr. Abdul Samad Channa’s reply to my letter on the above captioned subject published in Daily Dawn dated June 27, 2008. Mr. Channa has probably failed to appreciate purpose for which the said Fund was created. Basically it was fund for the relief of distressed and disadvantaged people of Sindh.  

It is a common knowledge that rural areas are deprived of civil amenities which are available to the people living in urban areas or cities particularly roads, health centers, quality education, jobs, transport and entertainment facilities etc. Due to unemployment, and even work on wages reason being lower productivity of crops on account of shortage of water and standard inputs, they forced to live on one meal a day. They are therefore suffering from worst sort of  malnutrition. They cannot therefore make their both ends meet and pass miserable and distressed lives. Although they need long term benefit, but under these circumstance they at the same time need immediate relief as well.

Mr Channa should ponder over the following aspects of the social relief fund and understand the quick and early disbursement to the needy as delineated in my previous letter:

The purpose of FUND is to redress the economic problems faced by poor people of Sindh.
(ii) FUND was earmarked in 2005 but instead of disbursement, it was deposited in Banks and   earned interest on it which made the halal (Islamic) as haram (unislamic).
(iii) It is the responsibility of concerned department to make immediate arrangements to utilize the funds for the purpose it was created i.e.   for the immediate relief of distressed.
(iv) If we redress the problems of people by providing those funds, is not the charity but a financial help of the poor.
(v)  Union council is the best institution to furnish the list of distressed people living in its jurisdiction.
(vi) At U.C level being root  level , best use of Funds can be ensured without any prejudice and discrimination.
(vii) Disbursement of fund will be through legal source of financial institution by way of payee’s account.
(viii) For the inability, inefficiency and negligence for disbursement of Fund concerned department must be taken to task .
(ix) For the help of talented but poor who are not able to pay for their education, a list of meritorious students may be collected through educational institutions throughout the province and payments may be effected through crossed cheque by the concerned educational institutions
(x)  In line with the federal government program proposed in the current budget, the name of the Fund may be changed as  Shaheed Benazir Bhutto relief Fund.
Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan
Member, Special Relief Fund Finance Department
Government of Sindh,

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