SINDH BUDGET 2007-08 (vi)

By: Dr Ali Akbar Dhakan

According to Article 118, ”all revenues recieved by the Provencial government, all loans raised by that government and all moneys recieved by it in repayment of any loan, shall form part of a fund, called PCF,while ”all other moneys (a) recieved by or on behalf of the Provencial government or (b) recieved by or deposited with the High Court or any other Court established under the authority of the Province shall be credited to and” forms part of the Public Account of the Province.According to Article 119, the custody of the PCF and the Public Account, payment of moneys and withdrawals there from and all matters pertaining to the PCF / Public Account shall be regulated by an Act of the Provincial Assembly or (Until passage of an enanctment by Rules made by the Governor).
Its main elements are:
(a)Cash and Bank balances.
(c)Deposits and Reserves/Liabilities
(d)Control Account
(e)Trust Account-Funds and others
(f)Special Deposit-Investments Funds

Public Account has generally provided the balances for financing deficits on account of revenue as well as development budgets.Net Public account has been pitched at Rs.5.3 billion in 2007-08.
They are(i)Assets and (ii)Deposits and reserves Assets stood at Rs.156 billion in 2007-2008 where as deposits and reserves increased 15 percent to Rs 83 billion during 2007-08 .
Trust  Account Fund is the most important  public account and comprises of the provident , Benevolent and insurance Fund Reciepts which stood at Rs 1.5 billion in 2007-08.

(i)Current Assets
For 2007-08, Rs 131 billion were budgeted to disburse the current assets.
It is a contra-reciepts account and represent payouts from deposits and reserves account showed on receipts side,It has pitched at Rs.104 billion in 2007-08.

In order to improve Public Service delivery in education and health,the Finance Department agreed
with the World Bank missions for Sindh Education Development policy Credit for preparation of MTFF in 2006-07.An important analytical component of the  MTFF is the deficit or surplus.A surplus may imply a potential for reduction in future tax rates,while the deficit would imply the need for a comprehensive fiscal strategy aimed at reducing the levels over the medium term, thus improving the prospects of fiscal sustainability.

It provides three years projections from 2006-07 to 2009-10 for revenues and expenditures with the following salient features:
(a)Federal Tax  Transfers would increase at 14% per year.
(b)Federal grants would increase at 10%per annum.
(c)Provincial own source revenue would grow at 13.8% during the period.
(d)The aggregate growth expected to maintain 13.5% per annum.

(a)The recurrent expenditure projected to increase by 13.4% per annum.
(b)The development expenditure projected to increase by 15% per year.
(c)The budget expected to remain balanced with fiscal deficits remaining under 0. 5% of Provencial Gross Domestic Product (PGDP).
Its also ensures improvement in over all
expenditure over this period of time.
It ensures a steady increase in non-salary and development expenditures at 18% and 15% respectively in education sector and increasing Education Sector Expenditure to almost 1.4% of the PGDP from 1.1% in 2005-06.
AND BUDGET 2007-08
(a)The budget achieved all targets.On revenue side, the faderal tax transfer estimated to increase by 28.75% as against the target of 14%.The provincial own reciepts with by increased by 16% as against 13.8%.
(b)The recurring expenditure estimated to increase by 13.87% as against 13.4%.
(c)The Provencial development expenditure increased by 67% as against 15%.
(d)2007-08 was a deficit Budget upto the target rate 0.5% of PGDP.

(1)Asian Development Bank (
(2)International Bank for reconstruction and Development (IBRD).
(3)International Development Association (
(4)International Fund and agricultural Development(IFAD).
(5)Saudi Loan
(6)United States Agency for International Development(USAID).
Loans.SITE 28.5
Dokri 5.4                       Total 568.6
Larkana 13.0                  Nawabshah
Ratodero 6.6                  Daulat pur 5.8
Total 29.9                       Daur 8.0
Matiari                            N.Shah  12.0
 Hala 5.0                        Sakrand 7.3
 Matiari  4.8           
Saeedabad                        Kambar
Total 13.9                          Kambar 7.1
Mirpur khas                      Miro Khan 4.5
Digri  7.5                            Nasirabad 5.2
Hussain Bux Marri 3.6        Qubo Saeed Khan 3.8
Tando Adam 9.0                Sajawal  4.5
Jhudo 8.3                           Shahdat Kot 5.9
 Kot Gm  6.4                      Warah 4.6
 Mir pur khas 13.7              Total 35.5
Sindhri  5.1                         Sanghar
Total   44                           Jam Nawaz Ali 4.5
Naushero Feroze             Khipro 8.3
Bhirya 6.7                         Sanghar 8.9
Kandiaro 7.0                      Shahdad pur
Mehrab pur 6.0                  Sinj horo   6.1
Moro   6.6                         Total  45.8
N.feroze 7.2                     
Total      32.50
New sukkur 8.1  
Pano akil 7.8                     Shikar pur
Saleh pat 5.0                    Garhi Yaseen 6.8
Sukkur 14.4                       Lakhi 6.0
Total 50.8                         Total 28.1
Tando Allah Yar
Pithoro 4.3                          
Chambar 5.4                                               
Jhundo mari   5.0               Thatta
  T`Allah Yar                       Shah bunder  5.9
 Sujawal 5.0                       Thatta 9.6   
Total   18.0                         Total 45.4                                  
T M Khan                           Umer Kot
Bulri S. Karim 5.4                Kunri 8.2
T.G Hyder 4.6                  Umer Kot 12.7
T.M Khan 5.6
Total  15.8                                                     
 Thar at Mithi
Chhachhro   9.5
Diplo    6.6
Mithi 4.7
Nagar Parkar 29.3
Gharo bari 4.2
jati 6.8
Mir pur bathoro  5.8
Mir pur Sakro 8.1                                                                                                                                                                            Total 10.3

Allocation for TMAS
 2007-08 Budget

Distt. Badin                          Hyderabad                   
Badin 9.3 crore                  Hyderabad (R) 6.7            
Matli 8.1 crore                   Hyderabad city 27.3         
Fazal Rahu 7.1 crore         Latifabad         18.4          
Talhar 6.0 crore                 Qasimabad  9.4                
Tando Bago 8.0 crore        Total     61.8                      
Total   38.5 crore                                                        
Dadu                               Jamshoro
Dadu  9.2 crore                Kotri   7.4                        
Johi  6.7                           Manjhand 4.9                  
Khair pur 6.8                    Tando b khan  5.7             
Mehar  7.6                       Total  18.0                        
Sehwan 6.1                     Karachi                             
Total 36.5                        Baldia  26.7                        Kashmore
Ghotki                             Bin Qasim45.6                   Kandhkot 6.8
Dahrki 6.1                       Gadap  43.0                        Kashmore 6.0
ghotki 9.0                        Gul berg 24.0                      Taugwani  6.3
Khan Garh 3.5                Gulshan-e-iqbal  33.7           total 19.0
Mir pur Mathelo 5.2         Jamshed   31.4                    Khair pur
Ubauro 6.3                      Kemari   24.9                       Faiz ganj 4.9
Total  30.1                      Korangi 30.2                        Gampat 6.0
 Khair pur 13.5                landhi 34.3
  Kingri   5.3                    Liqatabad 32.8
Kotdiji  6.6                      Lyari 32.7
 Nara  7.7                       Malir 25.6
 Sobho dero 6.5             Nazimabad 28.2
 Total 33.1                      New karachi 35.2
 Thari  Mirwah 6.5           Orangi 40.6
 Total 56.8                      Saddar 28.4
  Larkana                       Shahr-e-faisal 23.0
 Bakrani 4.9                   




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