The National Day of remembrance for Victims of terrorism (23rd June )

Report by Dileep Ratnani, Sarnia Canada

The National Day of remembrance for Victim of terrorism is marked every year on June 23 in Canada mark the anniversary of the bombing of Air India flight 182 off the coast of Ireland.On this day, flags across Canada are flown at half –mast to honor the victims of the bombing, as well as other acts of terrorist violence that have taken lives of Canadians.

Air India flight 182 was a Boeing 747 en-route to New Delhi and Bombay , India via London Heathrow from Montreal , Canada . As it entered the airspace over the Atlantic Ocean on the South coast of Ireland on June 23 1985, a terrorist bomb exploded onboard while at an altitude of 31,000 feet (9500 m), which resulted in the plane crashing into the sea. All 329 people on board were killed, which included 280 Canadian citizens and 136 children.

Among the key players still unknown to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Air India Task Force are the two men who callously boarded bag bombs at Vancouver International Airport a few hours apart on June 22, 1985. Both men, identified by their tickets as M. Singh and L. Singh, failed to board their flights after their bags were successfully checked in.

The bag checked in by M. Singh exploded aboard Air India Flight 182 as the Boeing 747 cruised at an altitude of 31,000 feet, killing all 329 passengers and crew aboard the Jumbo jet.

The second bag, checked in by L. Singh, made a dangerous 10-hour journey aboard CP Air Flight 003 from

Vancouver to Tokyo . It was destined for an Air India Flight scheduled to depart Tokyo with 270 passengers but exploded in the terminal building instead killing two baggage handlers and injuring four.

Despite investigations in India and Canada , RCMP still has no clue that the two men were even though dozens of possible leads have been checked out.

The Air India bombing, according to extensive world-wide investigations, was the joint project of at least two, if not three terrorist groups with extensive membership at that time in Canada, the US, England and India. A group of Sikh militants running on emotional fuel sparked by the attack on the Golden Temple in Amritsar in June 1984, decided to blow up two Air India airplanes almost simultaneously in different parts of the world.

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