How to achieve Education, Industrialization, Technology, Peace, law and order in Sindh

By Munawar Soomro, Washington, USA

To many of us progress and development is only a government job and to some it is unachievable because government is not good. Due to inefficiency and unwillingness of our leaders it seems insurmountable task, whereas in fact it is not. No doubt government can do it relatively easily but believe me, if people don’t play their part, even government can’t do much.

There are only few things which need to be done to put people on the path of progress. Peace, law and order, education, industrialization and technology are some of the main ingredients for development. Government can help in all of those, but unless people participate themselves, honestly nothing can happen. Lets see one by one:

1-Peace, law and order:

Of course government is the main stake holder in this one. But what is the role of our police, sardars and feudals in maintaining peace? Aren’t they part of society? From a policemen to the top officer they are almost all corrupt. They rob people, they create law and order situation by taking bribes and favoring influentials. You cant say that they have to do that in order to be in job. To certain extent may be, but it is up to them to be either honest or corrupt and humiliate people or respect people. Also the so called sardars make their own people fight with each other to maintain their importance in society rather than maintain peace.


There are educational institutions all over, but there is no education. Why, because teachers dont want to teach. Partly government is responsible again, but it is mainly due to the corrupt teachers and education officers that the education is no more there. The student organizations, who clain to be saviours of the nation, give the last and decisive blow to the education in universities and colleges, making universities their political centers not the centers for excellence. Aren’t they too part of society.


Government is supposed to be the primary planner. But do our wadera and businessmen care about the public and put some small scale industry in rural areas? Not at all. They want rural people to be their slaves forever. Any MNA, MPA setup industry in rural areas for peoples uplift? Not only that, if you look at the stupid politics in our area, you will see whatever the industrial units are there, those have been destroyed by the political-cum labour leaders for their personal and party gains.


Technology is direct off shoot of education and used in industrialization. When we dont have good education and industrialization how you can have technology.

Moreover if we look at corruption in general, we find our own clerks, officers, doctors and engineers bleeding our own poor people. We don’t raise voice against them and only talk about the government and other outside forces. We forget that Mir Jaffers are more dangerous than open enemies. Interesting enough that those Mir Jaffers in our society are also the leaders of our political organizations and talk too much about the rights of Sindh and Sindhis. Probably that’s one reason they have been successful in fooling people, but how long can that go?…

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Saturday, June 7, 2008 10:15:24 PM

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