A new Sindhi book QANOON SABHNEE LAE” (Law for All)

Book on Human, Women, Prisoner, Child & Minority Rights

A new Sindhi / Urdu book of eminent writer and lawyer Ayaz Latif Palijo is published by South Asia Partnership (SAP) Pakistan. The book “QANOON SABHNEE LAE” (Law for All) covers the laws related to Human Rights, Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights.

The book includes the prefaces and forewords by scholars and writes like Rasool Bux Palijo, Muhammad Yousif Leghari Advocate, Hidayatullah Abbasi Advocate, Provincial Minister Sassui Palijo, Zulfiqar Shah and Dean Faulty of Law Sindh University Ahmed Ali Shaikh Advocate. In their words it is the first detailed book on laws and Human Rights in Sindhi language. They have said that this book would be a powerful democratic weapon in the hands of oppressed masses of Sindh. They have further suggested that other organizations and individuals should follow the path of SAP and reprint and distribute thousands of copies of this book in the remote rural areas of Sindh, Balochistan and Seraiki. They have emphasized upon the need of legal awareness campaign in Sindh which should include initiatives like legal clinics, lectures in Jail, lobbying for legislation, display of banners, writing of thousands of letters to concerned officers, personal meetings with women, peasants and children, awareness meetings among factory workers, communities and engagements and interaction with activists, parliamentarians, journalists and councilors.

The book is comprised of 20 Sindhi and 11 Urdu well-researched articles / write-ups on Fundamental Rights, Land Grabbing, Environmental Law, Women Rights and Pakistani Laws, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Muslim Family Laws, Child Abuses and Law, Guardianship & Ward Laws, Declaration Against the

Discrimination to Women, Juvenile Justice System Ordinance, Women Protection Bill, Peasant Rights and WTO, Child Marriage Restraint Laws, Probation, Procedure of Criminal Proceedings, Legal Importance of Nikahnama, Rights of Consumers, Compensation of Fatal Road Accidents, Honor Killings, Prison Rules, Minority Right, Laws for Aggrieved Govt. Servants, Laws for Protection of Animals, Laws for Dower & Dowry, Defamation Laws, Bonded Labor, Laws Against Public Nuisance, Wages for Factory Workers, Compulsory Free Education for the Children of Labor and the Procedure for Protection of Fundamental Rights.

The price of this 200 pages book is Rs. 120/- but it would be given free of cost to the afectees of Human Rights violations and to children, women and minority activists and prisoners. Qanoon Sabhnee Lai (Law for All) also incorporates a detailed chart of all the important sections of the Constitution of Pakistan, Civil Procedure Code, Pakistan Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Specific Relief Act and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Nayyab Hain Hum (Rare We Are)

By Zulfiqar Halepoto

I feel honored to share with you all that a new book in Urdu language, compiled and edited by me on Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed is published. Title of the book is Nayyab Hain Hum (Rare We Are)

It is a great privilege too share with you all that Syed Murad Ali Shah provincial Minister for Revenue and Land Utilization, Government of Sindh member of Sayed Abdullah Shah Foundation has published this book.

This book is comprised of more than 100 selected articles written in Urdu language by the leading writers, intellectuals, political analyst, columnists, poets, her spouse, party leaders and workers, which are published in various leading Urdu dailies of Pakistan. Book is published by Sindh’s leading publication unit Sindhika Academy This 400 pages book has five sections: – Section 01: Introduction by Syed Murad Al Shah. – A detailed Preface on MBB Shaheed written by me as compiler and editor

Section 02: Selected Poems on MBB Shaheed by Hasan Mujtaba, Aitzaz Ahsan, Kishwar Naheed, Mehmood Sham etc

Section 03: Columns, write-ups, profiles, obituaries, comments, personal notes from dairies, memories and personal profile

Section 04 :Selected editorials of leading Urdu daily newspapers and magazines

Section 05: Selected colored photographs of MBB Shaheed

Book will soon be launched in Karachi

Courtesy: Sindhi lists/ e-groups, April 17, 2008