Khaksar Tehrik

In Memory of the Khaksar Martyrs of March 19, 1940

Researcher & Author

By Nasim Yousaf

On March 19, 1940, the Khaksar Tehrik (Movement) was banned by the Government of Punjab in British India , and Allama Mashriqi, his sons, and a very large number of Khaksars were imprisoned. In 1941, the Movement was banned on an all-India basis. Investigative research reveals that the ban on the Khaksar Tehrik and Mashriqi’s imprisonment were the result of mutual interest of the anti-Khaksar elements, including the British and the All-India Muslim League (AIML).

Both saw Mashriqi and his Movement as a threat and sought to secure themselves. The following briefly sheds light on British and AIML motivations and the subsequent banning of the Khaksar Movement.

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April 01, 2008