Sindhu Putra, Spiritual Leader of Sindhu Civilization in 5000 BC

By: Gul Karamchand

It was with utmost interest that I read Theme no. 9 at about Sindhu Putra, the Spiritual Leader of Sindh and the subcontinent in 5,000 BCE.

It is a marvelous account, with dramatic highlights, and touches the heart. Certainly it is worth reading, circulating. and reprinting.

The brutal assassination of Sindhu Putra in 5,000 BC brings home to us with sadness that the sacred soil of Sindh has, from time immemorial, suffered from brutality, violence, murder as also executions under false legal cover and assai nation of the best and brightest by hired guns.

To see this theme 9, please open and a click of the top heading of ‘Projects’, will list the themes from Return of the Aryans – and among those is Theme 9 about Sindhu Putra.

2 thoughts on “Sindhu Putra, Spiritual Leader of Sindhu Civilization in 5000 BC”

  1. Would definitely second Ian’s recommendation. “Return of the Aryans” is one of the best researched books that I have read on the topic. Mr.Gidwani’s book takes you into an amazing journey into the roots of Sanatan Dharma and Bharatvarsha. A must read for anyone interested in this topic.

  2. For those who would read a novel which is written round the life of Sindhu Putra, can I recommend “Return Of The Aryans” by Bhagwan S. Gidwani. A wonderful book which follows the life of Sindhu Putra and his travels around the subcontinent freeing the slaves and uniting the diverse peoples of Sanathana Dharma. Inspirational reading.

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