There is always a scope for Joint Actions

Sindhi Leaders in Sindh Explore Joint Actions the Protection and Promotion of Rights of the people

By Khalid Hashmani, McLean, Verginia

Finally it looks like Sindhi leaders have realized that “divided we fall and united we become much stronger” and have taken first steps to at least start talking with each other on ways to promote and protect our rights . For too long, we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by other alliances and minor political differences to divide us. Now is the time to ponder over that our unproven trust in others to deliver to us fairness and equality has not gotten us any where…


What is happening with Lawyers and Judges in Karachi

Few days ago some an ethnic organization’s activists surrounded Sindh High court.

Two lawyers have been murdered in Karachi in recent days.

Few days ago, some unidentified people did chalking on the walls of SHC and banners against the Chief Justice, Sindh High court at main entrance get of Sindh High court near Sindh secretariat and Sindh Assembly building. Same day at the night some unidentified people had opened fire and on city court. Now City Court’s Secretary and four Lawyers have arrested when they were coming to Sindh High Court.


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