Obama Impeachment

senatorobamaHouse Authorizes Lawsuit Against President Obama

WASHINGTON — A day before going on vacation and heading into the election season, Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a resolution Wednesday authorizing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to sue President Barack Obama for what they say has been inadequate enforcement of the health care law they oppose.

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US-Israeli relations become more poisonous by the day

USAs John Kerry returns to Washington after being pilloried in Israel for a peace proposal that was seen to favour Hamas, the White House leaps to his defence.

By , Washington

It is a relationship that one senior Western diplomat in Washington called “properly poisonous”, but in the past few days the antipathy between Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have plumbed new depths.

The unanimous rejection of John Kerry’s ceasefire proposal by Israel’s security cabinet and the torrent of personally abusive briefing by Israeli officials against America’s secretary of state has visibly stung an Obama administration that now spars almost openly with Mr Netanyahu.

Still constrained by the long-standing conventions of unshakeable US-Israeli relations, the administration resorted to sending out anonymous officials yesterday to brief that the White House was “fuming” over the way Israel had treated Mr Kerry.

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China’s Uighurs launch bloody attack in the troubled Xinjiang region killing 31 Chinese.

Xinjiang has been plagued by violence for years, but rights activists and exile groups say the government's own heavy handed policies in the region have sowed the seeds of unrest.

Xinjiang has been plagued by violence for years, but rights activists and exile groups say the government’s own heavy handed policies in the region have sowed the seeds of unrest.

Biggest attack in years kills 31 in China’s troubled Xinjiang

By Michael Martina

URUMQI, China (Reuters) – Explosives hurled from two vehicles which ploughed into an open market in China’s troubled Xinjiang region killed 31 people on Thursday, state media reported, the deadliest act of violence in the region in years.

China called the attack in the regional capital of Urumqi a “serious violent terrorist incident” and domestic security chief Meng Jianzhu vowed to strengthen a crackdown on the “arrogance of terrorists”. Ninety-four people were wounded.

China has blamed a series of knife and bomb attacks in recent months on separatist militants from Xinjiang, the traditional home of the ethnic Muslim Uighurs.

The cross-country vehicles rammed into shoppers in an open market, Xinhua news agency reported, citing witness reports. Explosives were flung out of the windows, and one of the vehicles exploded.

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Bolivia declares Israel a ‘terrorist state’

(Photo: Miguel Gutierrez, epa)

(Photo: Miguel Gutierrez, epa)

Declaring Israel a ‘terrorist state,’ Bolivia’s president ends free entry for Israeli visitors

By Associated Press

Bolivia’s leftist president has declared Israel a “terrorist state” because of its offensive in the Gaza Strip, and his government will now require Israeli citizens to obtain a visa to visit the Andean nation.

President Evo Morales already broke off diplomatic relations with the Jewish state in 2009, calling Israel’s treatment of Palestinians “a genocide.”

The action announced Wednesday will especially hit young Israelis, who often travel for extended periods, with South America a popular destination.

Other South American countries, including Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, have recalled their ambassadors from Israel in protest over the fighting in Gaza.

Courtesy: FOX NEWS


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Bolivia declares Israel a ‘terrorist state’


Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper blames Hamas for Palestinian casualties after Israeli shells hit UN shelter in Gaza

HarperBy Associated Press and Canadian Press

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is reiterating his government’s hard line against Hamas, saying it is solely responsible for the death and destruction in Gaza.

Harper said that while no one likes to see the suffering and loss that is occurring in the Middle East, Hamas is to blame. The prime minister said Hamas started the war because the terrorist organization wants to destroy the state of Israel.

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Arab Leaders, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel, Stay Silent


CAIRO — Battling Palestinian militants in Gaza two years ago, Israel found itself pressed from all sides by unfriendly Arab neighbors to end the fighting.

Not this time.

After the military ouster of the Islamist government in Cairo last year, Egypt has led a new coalition of Arab states — including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan — that has effectively lined up with Israel in its fight against Hamas, the Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip. That, in turn, may have contributed to the failure of the antagonists to reach a negotiated cease-fire even after more than three weeks of bloodshed.

“The Arab states’ loathing and fear of political Islam is so strong that it outweighs their allergy to Benjamin Netanyahu,” the prime minister of Israel, said Aaron David Miller, a scholar at the Wilson Center in Washington and a former Middle East negotiator under several presidents.

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Two “Indian” Soldiers die fighting along Israel Defense Forces in Gaza

IIGaza conflict hits home in Mumbai and Kochi with death of two Israeli soldiers

by Srinath Raghvendra Rao

Dighodkar, 27, was killed in an attack on an Israeli Defence Force (IDF) camp in the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

Among the latest casualties in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict are two young Indian-origin Israeli soldiers. While Chief Sergeant Barak Refael Dighodkar’s grandfather was from Mumbai, Lieutenant Paz Eliyahu traced his roots to Kochi.

Dighodkar, 27, was killed in an attack on an Israeli Defence Force (IDF) camp in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. Eliyahu, 22, is reported to have been killed in a booby trap bomb blast, also in the Gaza Strip, on July 23.

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Tesla expected to report record sales

Tesla Seen Reporting Record Deliveries on China Expansion

By Alan Ohnsman

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) will probably report record electric Model S deliveries in the second quarter after it accelerated output and began shipping its flagship sedan to China and the U.K.

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Zionism and Israel’s War with Hamas in Gaza

Arab-Israel conflict

Arab-Israel conflict

Zionism and Its Discontents

Zionism and Israel’s War with Hamas in Gaza

By Roger Cohen

Excerpt;  — If Benjamin Netanyahu had made a good-faith effort to find common cause with Palestinian moderates for peace and been rebuffed, it would be. He has not. Hamas is vile. I would happily see it destroyed. But Hamas is also the product of a situation that Israel has reinforced rather than sought to resolve. This corrosive Israeli exercise in the control of another people, breeding the contempt of the powerful for the oppressed, is a betrayal of the Zionism in which I still believe.

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‘Animal rights come before Religion’ – Denmark bans kosher and halal slaughter

GoatDenmark bans kosher and halal slaughter as minister says ‘animal rights come before religion’

Denmark’s government has brought in a ban on the religious slaughter of animals for the production of halal and kosher meat, after years of campaigning from welfare activists.

he change to the law, announced last week and effective as of yesterday, has been called “anti-Semitism” by Jewish leaders and “a clear interference in religious freedom” by the non-profit group Danish Halal.

European regulations require animals to be stunned before they are slaughtered, but grants exemptions on religious grounds. For meat to be considered kosher under Jewish law or halal under Islamic law, the animal must be conscious when killed.

Yet defending his government’s decision to remove this exemption, the minister for agriculture and food Dan Jørgensen told Denmark’s TV2 that “animal rights come before religion”.



ISIS jihadists open ‘marriage bureau’

The Islamic State, which advocates public stoning for adultery, has opened a “marriage bureau” for women who want to wed its fighters in territory they control in Syria and Iraq.

The Islamic State, which advocates public stoning for adultery, has opened a “marriage bureau” for women who want to wed its fighters in territory they control in Syria and Iraq.

BEIRUT: The Islamic State, which advocates public stoning for adultery, has opened a “marriage bureau” for women who want to wed its fighters in territory they control in Syria and Iraq.

The jihadist group’s office is operating from Al-Bab, a town in Aleppo province of northern Syria, for “single women and widows who would like to marry IS fighters”, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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Pakistan mob kills woman, girls over ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post

File photo - The followers of the Religion of Peace have to kill you!

[File photo] – Beware, the followers of the Religion of Peace have to kill you in the name of Most Merciful!?


ISLAMABAD — Reuters: A Pakistani mob killed a woman member of a religious sect and two of her granddaughters after a sect member was accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook, police said Monday, the latest instance of growing violence against minorities.

The dead, including a seven-year-old girl and her baby sister, were Ahmadis, who consider themselves Muslim but believe in a prophet after Mohammed. A 1984 Pakistani law declared them non-Muslims and many Pakistanis consider them heretics.

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Dozens of Canadians have gone to Israel to take up arms for the Jewish state

CIBy Katrina Clarke

If things had turned out differently, Orli Broer would be starting her second year at Montreal’s McGill University, spending her days studying and her nights dancing.

Instead, the 19-year-old moved to Israel and joined the Israeli Defence Forces. Now, she spends her days in the West Bank and her nights with a gun under her pillow.

She is one of thousands of lone soldiers, young adults from around the world who come to Israel to fight for the Jewish state. Some are Israeli citizens who grew up elsewhere, others visited on school trips and felt compelled to take up the Zionist cause. Few have close family in the country.

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Obama gets tough with Netanyahu, for Gaza

senatorobamaObama gets tough with Netanyahu, for Gaza and/or for Kerry

Remember: nothing riles the White House more than the appearance that Israel is supplying ammo to Obama’s political enemies, as it did on Sunday.


Barack Obama may have stopped short of reading the riot act to Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, but the White House version of the two leaders’ phone conversation left no room for doubt: The U.S. President was ratcheting up the rhetoric and the pressure on Israel to end the fighting in Gaza, and to end it now.

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Hamas doesn’t fight Jews, it fights the occupiers, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal says

kmMeshal to Charlie Rose: Hamas doesn’t fight Jews, it fights the occupiers

WATCH: In interview with CBS, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal manages to avoid directly answering question about recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.


Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal managed to avoid directly answering the question of whether Hamas would recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state in an interview with CBS host Charlie Rose.

In the interview, which aired on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Meshal said, “When we have a Palestinian state then the Palestinian state will decide on its policies. You cannot actually ask me about the future.”

Earlier in the interview, the Qatar-based Hamas leader said he was “ready to coexist” with Jews and Christians, but added, “I do not want to live with a state of the occupiers.”

“We are not fanatics; we are not fundamentalists. We do not actually fight the Jews because they are Jews per se. We do not fight any other races. We fight the occupiers,” Meshal told Rose.

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Why Don’t I Criticize Israel?

gazaBy Sam Harris, Neuroscientist and author of the New York Times Bestsellers


The question I’ve now received in many forms goes something like this: Why is it that you never criticize Israel? Why is it that you never criticize Judaism? Why is it that you always take the side of the Israelis over that of the Palestinians?

Now, this is an incredibly boring and depressing question for a variety of reasons. The first, is that I have criticized both Israel and Judaism. What seems to have upset many people is that I’ve kept some sense of proportion. There are something like 15 million Jews on earth at this moment; there are a hundred times as many Muslims.  I’ve debated rabbis who, when I have assumed that they believe in a God that can hear our prayers, they stop me mid-sentence and say, “Why would you think that I believe in a God who can hear prayers?” So there are rabbis—conservative rabbis—who believe in a God so elastic as to exclude every concrete claim about Him—and therefore, nearly every concrete demand upon human behavior. And there are millions of Jews, literally millions among the few million who exist, for whom Judaism is very important, and yet they are atheists. They don’t believe in God at all. This is actually a position you can hold in Judaism, but it’s a total non sequitur in Islam or Christianity.

So, when we’re talking about the consequences of irrational beliefs based on scripture, the Jews are the least of the least offenders. But I have said many critical things about Judaism. Let me remind you that parts of Hebrew Bible—books like Leviticus and Exodus and Deuteronomy—are the most repellent, the most sickeningly unethical documents to be found in any religion. They’re worse than the —. They’re worse than any part of the New Testament. But the truth is, most Jews recognize this and don’t take these texts seriously. It’s simply a fact that most Jews and most Israelis are not guided by scripture—and that’s a very good thing.

Of course, there are some who are. There are religious extremists among Jews. Now, I consider these people to be truly dangerous, and their religious beliefs are as divisive and as unwarranted as the beliefs of devout Muslims. But there are far fewer such people.

For those of you who worry that I never say anything critical about Israel:  My position on Israel is somewhat paradoxical. There are questions about which I’m genuinely undecided. And there’s something in my position, I think, to offend everyone. So, acknowledging how reckless it is to say anything on this topic, I’m nevertheless going to think out loud about it for a few minutes.

I don’t think Israel should exist as a Jewish state. I think it is obscene, irrational and unjustifiable to have a state organized around a religion. So I don’t celebrate the idea that there’s a Jewish homeland in the Middle East. I certainly don’t support any Jewish claims to real estate based on the Bible. [Note: Read this paragraph again.]

Though I just said that I don’t think Israel should exist as a Jewish state, the justification for such a state is rather easy to find. We need look no further than the fact that the rest of the world has shown itself eager to murder the Jews at almost every opportunity. So, if there were going to be a state organized around protecting members of a single religion, it certainly should be a Jewish state. Now, friends of Israel might consider this a rather tepid defense, but it’s the strongest one I’ve got. I think the idea of a religious state is ultimately untenable.

Needless to say, in defending its territory as a Jewish state, the Israeli government and Israelis themselves have had to do terrible things. They have, as they are now, fought wars against the Palestinians that have caused massive losses of innocent life. More civilians have been killed in Gaza in the last few weeks than militants. That’s not a surprise because Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on Earth. Occupying it, fighting wars in it, is guaranteed to get woman and children and other noncombatants killed. And there’s probably little question over the course of fighting multiple wars that the Israelis have done things that amount to war crimes. They have been brutalized by this process—that is, made brutal by it. But that is largely the due to the character of their enemies. [Note: I was not giving Israel a pass to commit war crimes. I was making a point about the realities of living under the continuous threat of terrorism and of fighting multiple wars in a confined space.]

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Scandinavian countries condemn Israel’s disproportionate violence, sends millions to aid Palestinians

By Henriette Johansen

Denmark, Finland and Norway are backing the Palestinian people in Gaza with substantial medical aid. As the first two countries in the world to have an official diplomatic Palestinian representative, Denmark and Finland followed the EU position of condemning Israeli attacks on innocent Gazans.

This week, Denmark is to send $2 million to protect and support Gaza with humanitarian aid. Following the escalating conflict and worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza, the Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen sent contributions for water distribution, medicines and for the protection of civilians in Gaza, the Danish mission in Ramallah announced.

“The spiral of violence between Gaza and Israel has unbearable costs for completely innocent people. Almost half of the population in Gaza need access to clean water, and hospitals and humanitarian organisations need medicine to treat the wounded and save lives. Therefore, I find it crucial and right, that Denmark contributes to the humanitarian efforts in Gaza,” he said.

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This Land Is Mine

Do you want to know the real reason why there’ so much violence in the Middle-East? This animation by Nina Paley is one of the most beautiful, accurate and true cartoons I ever seen! A masterpiece!

The animation makes it clear why there can be no clear “winners” over this land. Time to end the bloodshed and seek peace through compromise and cooperation.

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Israel claims Gaza via history!

historyBy Simcha Jacobovici

With everything that’s going on, it’s easy to forget that Gaza has a long Jewish history. It’s an odd history, however. The fact is that Gaza has never sat right with the Jewish people. Isaac, one of the three Biblical forefathers, was born somewhere between Beer Sheba and Gaza, precisely in the area that is suffering the most rocket attacks from Hamas. Both Abraham and his son Isaac had problems with the local rulers. (Genesis 20:1-3,11-12, 26:1,7)

Biblically, the area was allotted to the tribe of Judah, but the Jews never quite secured it. It’s always been an area of conflict, an arena for confrontation between Jews and hostile neighbors.

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Sweden refuses Israeli president’s plane entry into its airspace

Swedish authorities refused on Sunday to allow the plane of Israeli President Shimon Peres to cross into its airspace en route to Norway, causing him to arrive late to his official reception.

When Stockholm refused the plane permission to cross, the pilots were forced into a holding pattern over the Baltic Sea for 20 minutes until they were rerouted via Denmark’s airspace.

Peres’s office blamed Stockholm, while the Israeli Foreign Ministry pointed the finger at the President’s Office and the private airline company responsible for arranging the trip.

Israel’s Haartez newspaper reported the ministry saying that Peres’s office had failed to follow the correct protocols, resulting in its intervention.

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ISIS destroys ‘Jonah’s tomb’ in Mosul

The radical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group has destroyed shrines belonging to two prophets, highly revered by both Christians and Muslims, in the northern city of Mosul, al-Sumaria News reported Thursday.

“ISIS militants have destroyed the Prophet Younis (Jonah) shrine east of Mosul city after they seized control of the mosque completely,” a security source, who kept his identity anonymous, told the Iraq-based al-Sumaria News.

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Brazil recalls Israel envoy to protest ‘disproportionate force’ in Gaza

Brazil follows Ecuador’s decision a day earlier, as well as the UN human rights council’s decision to open commission of inquiry into Israel’ ‘war crimes.’

By Barak Ravid

Brazil decided Thursday to recall its ambassador in Tel Aviv to protest what it has called “disproportionate use of force by Israel” in the Gaza Strip.

“The Brazilian government considers unacceptable escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine. We strongly condemn the disproportionate use of force by Israel in the Gaza Strip, from which large numbers of civilian casualties, including women and children resulted,” the Brazilian government said in its statement. “The Brazilian Government reiterates his call for an immediate ceasefire between the parties.”

“Given the seriousness of the situation, the Brazilian government voted for the resolution of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on the subject In addition, the Ambassador of Brazil in Tel Aviv was called to Brasilia for consultations.”

Brazil is the second country to recall its envoy, following Ecuador’s move a day earlier.

The decision comes amid heightened tensions in the international community over Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip.

The United Nations Human Rights Council on Wednesday launched a commission of inquiry into alleged Israeli war crimes in its current Gaza offensive, backing Palestinian efforts to have Israel held up to international scrutiny.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office fiercely condemned the UN council’s decision as a “travesty and should be rejected by decent people everywhere.”

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2 Palestinians said killed in rioting outside Jerusalem

Thousands clash with police at Qalandiya checkpoint; violent protests also underway in East Jerusalem


Thousands of Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah, and riots broke out at several flashpoints near and inside East Jerusalem, on Thursday night. Palestinian sources said two demonstrators were killed at Qalandiya and over 100 were wounded. Protesters there were marching in the direction of the capital from Ramallah in the West Bank.

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Listen all sides and look, how War and Hatred inflict Wounds To All Human Souls of all sides.

Photo credits to: The Time of Israel

Photo credits to: The Times of Israel

How the army breaks the worst news of all

The IDF’s Casualty and Wounded Soldiers Department delivers awful tidings and tends to families afterwards. The task only gets worse with time and experience


On Monday afternoon, along a central Jerusalem street, the owner of an electrical supply store saw an ambulance slow to a halt. The paramedics remained inside

The man continued arranging his cluttered storefront, watching from the sidewalk as he worked. “I thought something happened to one of the neighbors,” he said.

Then he saw two army officers walk by and turn up the stairs of a nearby apartment. Moments later, he heard terrible sounds. The screaming, he said, “went on for an hour.”

Knowing that several soldiers had been killed in Gaza the previous night, he kept tinkering at work but, he said, wasn’t “able to function for the rest of the day.” Finally a man emerged from the apartment with the officers. The store owner, whose name and location are not being used here in order to ensure the privacy of the bereaved family, recognized him as a customer and hugged him. “My brother,” the man explained, and continued on with the officers to help break the life-altering news to other members of the family.

As Israel fights in Gaza and buries its soldiers at home – 32 have been killed thus far –

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Madeleine Albright: Israel ‘overdoing’ its response to Hamas

Madeleine Albrigh

Madeleine Albright

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says focus should be on how to end conflict and implement two-state solution.

By Haaretz

Israel looks like it’s “overdoing” its response to Hamas rocket fire, which is “hurting Israel’s moral authority,” former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Tuesday.

Although she expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself against rocket fire, Albright said in an interview with CNN that the “question of proportionality” was important.

I do think that it is very hard to watch the number of Palestinians that have been killed – innocents,” Albright said as the current secretary of state, John Kerry, was in the region to attempt to broker a cease-fire.

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Saudi Arabia Crime rate up 102%

JEDDAH: ARAB NEWS – The Ministry of Justice has released figures, which indicate that crime rates have increased 102 percent in the Kingdom; up from 10,904 cases in 2012 to 22,113 cases in 2013. In the first six months of this year, the Kingdom has seen a surge in criminal cases, compared to the same period last year.

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France hits back after UK condemns Russia Mistral ship deal

France’s foreign minister has accused the UK of double standards following its criticism of the Russian Mistral warship deal. Referring to Russian oligarchs in the UK, he said that Britain must tend to its own backyard before attacking French policies.

Following the Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine, British Prime Minister David Cameron criticized Paris for its plan to go ahead with the delivery of Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia. Cameron stressed that the move would be “unthinkable” in Britain.

The English in particular were very pleasant so to speak saying we would never do that, but I told my dear British friends let’s talk about the financial sector,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told TF1 television after a meeting of European foreign ministers in Brussels.

I am led to believe that there are quite a few Russian oligarchs in London,” he added, as quoted by Reuters.

When asked whether he meant that the UK must first address its own business, Fabius replied: “Exactly.

On Monday, French President Francois Hollande said the plan to deliver the Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia would go forward, despite calls from the US and UK. The first ship is nearly completed and will be presented in October.

The Russians have paid. Should we repay 1.1 billion euros if the boat was not delivered to the purchaser?” he asked while speaking to reporters late on Monday – the night before an EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels to discuss tougher sanctions on Moscow over the Ukrainian crisis.

For the time being, a level of sanctions has not been decided on that would prevent this delivery,” he said. “The contract was signed in 2011, the boat is almost finished and should be delivered in October.

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Palestine and Israel…no end in sight

Jerusalem - The Holy city

Jerusalem – The Holy city

Slate columnist William Saletan has a piece about a possible solution to the conflict in Gaza (How to Save Gaza). It is worth a read. It will probably seem overly liberal to many Israeli supporters and will seem totally unfair to many Palestinian supporters. And it does sound a little utopian. Well, a lot utopian. It seems unlikely that it could be attempted and very unlikely that it would work if attempted.

Anyway, it reminded me of a comment I wrote on Facebook. I am not optimistic…

This is a Greek tragedy. Both sides have lost many opportunities to compromise and they will surely manage to lose more in the days to come. When those in power in Israel clearly want to keep all or most of the occupied West Bank (building new settlements is hardly a signal they are leaving) and avoid every opportunity to make a deal, then they are not laying the foundation for durable peace. When those in power in Gaza seem to believe ALL Jewish presence in Palestine should be “reversed” (“Palestine will be free; from the river to sea”), they are not laying such a foundation either.

If Likudniks think Palestinians are incorrigible terrorists and barbarians who can never be trusted, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If Hamas (and even more so, their millions of outside cheerleaders with nothing to lose) say the Israelis are worse than Nazis and are committing history’s greatest genocide, then what sane Israeli would consider them a negotiating partner that wants to make peace? Its a lose-lose situation.

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‘Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies': Israelis And Palestinians show solidarity online

familyby Lauren O’Neil

As political tensions between Israel and Hamas continue to escalate this week in the Gaza Strip, a growing number of Jews and Arabs from around the world are coming together in solidarity against the conflict.

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